This flute-dominated instrumental, based on Bach’s ‘Suite in E Minor for Lute’, was a track on Jethro Tull’s excellent ‘Stand Up’ (1969).

Personnel: Ian Anderson (flute, vocals), Martin Barre (guitars), Glenn Cornick (bass), Clive Bunker (drums)

Composer: J.S. Bach (arr. Ian Anderson)

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Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

2 thoughts on “Bourée”

  1. Of course growing up musically from 1969 up until 1980. my young ears loved the modern jazz swing sound added to the simple, yet versatile melody by J.S. Bach. In the early years of the introduction of Jethro Tull to American listeners, I generally would hear the most popular tracks off of the hit albums on fledgling FM Los Angeles radio stations, KMET and KLOS, 94.1 and 95.5 respectively.

    What a coincidence. My childhood chum had recently purchased a CD of the 1970 album, Benefitwhich he had left in my care to enjoy. Today I listened to most of both sides including, “With You There to Help Me,” “Nothing to Say” and “Teacher,” all songs that I had heard on the radio.

    I was marvelling at the connection to classical music as well as the derivation from English and Scottish folk music. Certainly Thick as a Brick, to come so many years later, was a valiant attempt to bridge the gap between progressive rock and classical music. I tried to imagine these musicians playing little clubs in London when this was all being synthesized.

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    1. Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson) was one of my favorite British groups of the late 60’s and 70’s. I particular liked the jazz influence in Anderson’s flute solo’s. Having been trained early on in classical music (lead trumpet in band and orchestra) I naturally love jazz. As you no doubt know jazz chording draws heavily on classical.


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