Tonight’s Rant…

Sometimes ya just gotta call a spade a spade. Whether it pisses folks off or not really is unimportant. If what’s being said is right and needs to be said, so be it. Or at least so I’m told. Okay, I’ll chuck the bullshit and say it straight out, that’s me saying it’s unimportant if it pisses folks off. This dude understands this as well as anyone. Why do I say this? Because I’ve spent the majority of a lifetime doing things that needed to be done and saying things that needed to be said. All to draw paycheck and move the corporate interests forward.

Being in charge and having responsibility for other people is the perfect place to be in if ya don’t have a major problem with pissing some people off regularly and taking daily abuse by people who frankly may have trouble figuring out which side of the bed to get up from. In short, somebody will always be pissed off about one thing or another.

Oh, and the corporate interest thing, it’s true, officers of a corporation and their managers really do look out for corporate interests, even when they may not completely agree. That’s what they are ultimately paid to do. That’s tough as well. Why? Because when managers express their reservations and disagreements they take hits from above as well as from below. It’s simply the price one pays sometimes.

You may be asking what is the point here. In which case the answer is we’re still trying to figure it out.

Someone, somewhere, is pissed off with their job, their family life, their relationships, and many seem to be always pissed off with politics all the time. Just trying to figure out why it is so difficult for folks to understand it doesn’t have to  be personal and compromise isn’t a bad thing in business, ones personal life, or in politics and government.

Yet here we are and my guess is here we shall remain. Or put another way the more things change the more they stay the same.