Does Ivanks’s Role Signal A Decline In American Democracy?…

The following, an opinion article in The Washington Post, it nevertheless rings true. In this writers opinion it defines the Trump presidency as well as Ivanka, the subject of the article. Unfortunately for America and her standing in the world among nations her actions do not bode well.

I’ve no doubt she thinks she is qualified. Politics is not really all that different from advertising, right? You promote handbags; you promote nice causes. Women entrepreneurs, friendship between nations, edgy earrings — whatever. These are all part of a lifestyle that everybody wants, and it’s a lifestyle that Ivanka Trump has been selling, for profit, for most of her life.

But when Trump appeared on a podium in Berlin this week, purportedly to discuss women in the workforce, she did not seem qualified. On the contrary, she provided a shocking reminder of the damage that the Trump lifestyle brand will do (and has already done) not just to America’s “image” but to America’s reputation as a serious country, even to America’s reputation as a democracy.

Why was she there at all? The other panelists — the Canadian foreign minister, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund and German Chancellor Angela Merkel — raised no eyebrows, because their official functions explain themselves. But Trump was there as “first daughter,” a notion which the moderator of the panel — another impressive woman, the editor of a business magazine — at one point asked her to explain. “The German audience is not that familiar with the concept,” she said. “. . . Who are you representing, your father as president of the United States, the American people or your business?”

Trump has enough media training to know what to deny. “Certainly not the latter,” she said quickly (only to contradict herself, a few moments later, by saying, as she is no doubt accustomed, “Speaking as an entrepreneur . . .”). But the question never got a real answer. As everyone in the room knew perfectly well, Trump was not on the panel because she is an entrepreneur, or because she represents the American people or even because she speaks for her father, which is far from clear. She was on the panel because Merkel, ever the pragmatist, realizes President Trump is not interested in history, ideas, policy or any of the other things that have long tied the United States to Germany. To maintain its deep political and economic relationship with this American administration, Germany therefore needs to be solicitous of Trump’s daughter.

There are sinister precedents here. Daughters have long been used cynically to “humanize” thuggish men. The president’s strategically meaningless but politically useful bombing raid on Syria was justified on the grounds that Ivanka Trump had seen pictures of dying children and prevailed upon his softened heart, as in a fairy tale, to do something. Sarah Kendzior has laid out the remarkable similarities between Trump and Gulnara Karimova, the Uzbek dictator’s daughter, a “cosmopolitan socialite who married into a powerful business family” before making her mark as a fashion designer.” Like Trump, Karimova also masks “brutal practices under the pretext of a soft ‘feminism’ ” and styles herself an ideal modern woman.

We’re sure you’re getting the picture and recognize it is not a pleasant or complimentary one for either the president, his daughter, or the nation. A self-absorbed narcissistic president is using his daughter to further his own selfish narcissistic interests.

Continue reading the article HERE.

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Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

4 thoughts on “Does Ivanks’s Role Signal A Decline In American Democracy?…”

  1. Does it really take talent to start a business where you hire people to design clothing, handbags, and jewelry and put your name on those items, when your daddy is a multi-billionaire? Did Ivanka have to grub around for start-up money? That’s a real difficult thing to do — get people to invest in your business. Did she have to worry about getting contacts in China and the other foreign countries where he stuff is manufactured? Her father was already in the business of having clothing items made overseas. I have the feeling Ivanka didn’t have to worry about financing her little “entrepreneurial business,” ot finding contacts in China for getting it manufactured in sweatshops. I’m not impressed one bit by her.

    She is wildly wealthy and privileged, and the best thing she could come up with to do with her fame and fortune is to make handbags, dresses, and jewelry? What is impressive about that? Nothing. She and her father are self-absorbed and not at all impressive in anything they do.


  2. “In fairness it does take some smarts and talent to keep a business running and operating at a profit.”

    Yes, for normal entrepreneurs.

    We don’t know if her business is operating at a profit, but we can guess that she didn’t struggle to get the business going or keep it going. She’s married to a multi-millionaire, and her father is a multi-billionaire with every resource imaginable to make a business thrive. It’s the old saying: “She was born on third base, and she thinks she hit a triple.”


    1. Yes, yes, yes. But, she still is operating a successful business as far as I know. But then again I don’t really follow Ivanka or her business dealings. I’m more concerned with her attempt to involve herself in the art of politics and government. Something she knows absolutely ZERO about. Just like her Daddy Tiny Hands.


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