Living In The 20th Century, Still…

Rat a tat tat and a BOOM BOOM! Rather than thinking outside of the proverbial box we continue to think and act like it is 1951.

(CNN) North Korea launched a missile Friday in a show of defiance after the US convened an international meeting to call for greater sustained pressure on the isolated country.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on the world community Friday to drastically increase pressure on North Korea, warning that failure to do so could be “catastrophic” and that the US is prepared to take military action against the rogue regime if necessary.
Shortly after Tillerson finished his final activity at the UN, meeting with Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Pyongyang launched a missile toward the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, but it blew up over land, according to a US official.
The launch seemed timed to be a response to Tillerson’s call for international action and, perhaps, was North Korea calling the Trump administration’s bluff after a week of increasingly tough rhetoric about how Washington will respond to what it sees as Pyongyang’s bad behavior.
“All options for responding to future provocations must remain on the table,” Tillerson had said earlier in the day. “Diplomatic and financial leverage or power will be backed up by willingness to counteract North Korean aggression with military action, if necessary.”
The US official said the projectile was a “probable KN-17,” a medium-range ballistic missile, launched from Pukchang airfield. A White House statement Friday evening said the administration was aware of the test and that the President had been briefed.
Tillerson, speaking at a special US-hosted UN meeting to address the challenge, called on member countries to take three immediate steps, singling out China and warning that countries that don’t comply may face consequences. He got pushback in response from China, which accused the US of raising tensions with Pyongyang.
He urged nations to fully enforce existing sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, suspend or downgrade diplomatic relations with the already isolated country and increase its financial isolation by targeting countries and individuals that support its nuclear and ballistic missile program.
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Les Carpenter

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2 thoughts on “Living In The 20th Century, Still…”

  1. I guess if Trump really wishes to succeed with his outrageous, outside-of-the-box approach, this is a unique opportunity. Of course, he is too stupid to see it. It would be so easy. Just offer North Korea U.S. investment $$$ in the billions, (What do we have to lose? 100 bombs cost a billion dollars anyway.) Offer them economic aid and food assistance, the only caveat being that the food will be delivered by the U.S. Army. A simple take it or leave it, balls out proposal. North Korea finally sheds its useless connection to China and rejoins the world community. They can with assistance from the Asian community begin to build a manufacturing base and a real economy. They can feed their starving people. They can move forward with a synthesis of communist rule and capitalistic self-interest. They just have to accept us as their new BFF. Get used to having us very close.

    Beats all-out nuclear war, n’est ce pas?

    Am I the only guy who thought of this?


  2. Many have probably thought something along those lines. I think it quite likely.

    But, playing the biggest soldier with the largest most deadly arsonal at our disposal is macho, something Americans like.

    We’re still making the world safe for democracy and will continue to do so. Even if it means destroying the planet.

    The box, oh comfy is the box?


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