Trump Administration Considered Restricting Press Freedoms…

Be concerned, very concerned.

Our current POTUS has no compunction attempting to limit the constitutional rights of the free and independent press that calls him out on his misinformation and or out right  lies.  By his own words he has confirmed this.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the Trump administration has “looked at” changes to libel laws that would curtail press freedoms, but said “whether that goes anywhere is a different story.”

President Trump frequently slams the press for its coverage of him and in March suggested changing libel laws.

Libel is when defamatory statements about someone are published. But the American press enjoys some protection from lawsuits claiming libel because of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech rights.

When Priebus was asked by ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl if the president would really want to pursue a change in libel laws, the White House chief of staff said it’s been considered.

“I think it’s something that we’ve looked at,” Priebus told Karl in an exclusive interview on “This Week” Sunday. “How that gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story.”

Priebus said the media needs “to be more responsible with how they report the news.”

He also addressed another First Amendment issue on flag burning. Priebus hinted that the Trump administration may look at punishing flag burners, as Trump suggested in a tweet during the transition.

Article with his “presidential” tweets HERE.

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Les Carpenter

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10 thoughts on “Trump Administration Considered Restricting Press Freedoms…”

  1. I remember the far right wingers losing their shyte over President Obama and saying that he promised to “fundamentally change America.” He actually didn’t, the F.R.W.s got that wrong, misquoted him, but that’s old history.

    Now their hero is talking about changing the Constitution so that his fragile ego doesn’t have to deal with what every other president since Thomas Jefferson (Washington had no competition when he was elected POTUS) has had to deal with: unnerving criticism and the messiness of democracy.

    Trump has always been a coward and a bully. It’s what he is. We are now seeing what giving power to a deeply flawed person can do to democracy — if we let him.


    1. Trump is unstable, a loose cannon, and essentially clueless about governing in a democratic republic.

      I believe he will be a one term president at most. Hopefully less.


  2. He’s “looked at” repealing the First Amendment too. Yes, a guy who couldn’t even get Obamacare repeal through a Congress controlled by a party that ran on Obamacare repeal is going to pass a Constitutional Amendment to abolish the bedrock principles of the country.


    1. Yes, and he can’t even build a wall, his number one priority. The only person to blame is himself. Maybe the “great negotiator” isn’t so great after all.


    2. Fortunately there is still enough republicans that understand the bedrock principles our country was founded on that with them and the oppostion party Trump will not succeed.

      Continued Resistance remains critical.


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