Could The Heath Care Bill Turn The House Blue in “18”…

Resistance to the heartless uncaring imbeciles in the house will likely continue to grow. If it does the outcome could be it flips and goes blue in 2018.


Five Thirty Eight – Republicans in the House of Representatives voted today to approve a version of the American Health Care Act, their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. The biggest effects of the bill will be on the millions of additional Americans who would go without health insurance if a similar bill is passed by the Senate. But it could also endanger the job prospects of the Republican members of Congress who voted for it and make a Democratic takeover of the House substantially more likely in 2018.

The previous version of the AHCA — which died in the House in March before it came to a floor vote — was an exceptionally unpopular bill. Polls in mid-March had opposition outweighing support for the bill by an average of almost 15 percentage points, and the numbers were getting worse; most notoriously in a Quinnipiac poll that showed just 17 percent of Americans supporting the bill and 56 percent opposed.

The various amendments to the AHCA since then — which were mostly made to placate the Freedom Caucus and have pushed the bill further to the right — aren’t likely to make it any more popular. Some of the amendments could even affect people who receive insurance from their employers in addition to those who receive Medicaid or buy insurance on the Obamacare exchanges. Republicans are also playing with political fire to pass such a bill before the Congressional Budget Office has scored the amendments and estimated how many additional people might gain or lose coverage.

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Thursday Evening Rant…

How am I doing? Am I doing okay? I’m president. Hey, I’m president. Can you believe it?

Donald Trump

Since you asked Donald here’s the way it is. Essentially you’ve had two wins. Gorsuch confirmed to the SCOTUS and a razor-thin win after your first defeat on your train wreck of a healthcare bill. But there’s the senate still to go and a win there is anything but certain.

No Donald you are not doing okay. You have approximately 40% support among Americans and you are so G-damned weak you cannot even get your own party behind you. With the house, senate, and the executive branch governing should be a cake walk. You and your Trumpanzees ought to have a lot more to show other than a bunch of executive orders. Things you criticized President Obama for, Hypocrite.

Ya Donald, we know you’re the president. In name only. When it comes to intellect, character, the ability to reason, understanding of The Constitution and democracy, honesty, ethical and moral behavior, truly caring about the average Joe and Jane, etc. you’re an abject failure. Did I mention you’re also clueless when it comes to history, foreign affairs, or understanding basic human decency? If not I just did.

Yes, we can believe you’re the minority president that lost the popular vole by what, some 3 million votes? What we cannot believe is how America was conned enough to vote your sorry lying ass into office in the first place.