In The Time Of Trumpism…

Trump and his administration must be relegated to the dust bin of history in 2020.




Published by

Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

2 thoughts on “In The Time Of Trumpism…”

  1. Watch out, Les. You keep quoting Obermann and people are going to accuse you when of becoming a Progressive. There is the power of Trump!


    1. Yeah, you might be right about that Jerry. But when you’re right, well, you’re right. That and as always I’m not too concerned about what the cement heads and knuckle draggers over at the Stench Trench and other wacko right wing sites have to say about that.


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