Traitor Me

In this Time of Trump could this be considered prescient?

I take this opportunity
To let it be known,
By means of this little poem,
And by the extension of a
Long held desire,
Or even zealous wish,
I will tell the enemies
Of the United States of America
And the United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Anything they want to know,
About any subject which interests them
Of a secret or covert type
For one thousand US Dollars
Or seven hundred British Pounds sterling.

Thank you for your attention.

The Manchurian Candidate?…

Is There A Trump Russian Connection?…

Flynn, Yates, and now Comey gone. All fired by Trump. All related to, or involved in the alleged Trump /Russian connection or its investigation.

Lets connect the dots and see just where the trail takes us. Likely right to the top… Donald J. Trump.

  • Russian government releases photos of private meeting

  • FBI’s Comey had led probe of Russian meddling in U.S. election

Donald Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the White House on Wednesday, a day after firing the FBI director who was heading an investigation into the U.S. president’s Russian connections.

The White House didn’t let U.S. reporters witness the meeting, intended as a prelude to Trump’s first face-to-face talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, expected within months. But after the Russian government released photos of Trump greeting Lavrov and Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak, who’s been at the center of intrigue about the Trump campaign’s contacts with Moscow, reporters were suddenly ushered into the Oval Office. They found Trump sitting there with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The Russians had left.

“We had a very, very good meeting with Mr. Lavrov, and I thought it was very good,” Trump said. In a later statement, the White House said Trump “further emphasized his desire to build a better relationship between the United States and Russia.”