Trump Is The Catalyst For Growing Democratic Party Activism And Donations…

We never thought 35 years ago we would be cheering for democrats to dominate the American political stage during  what is likely the final quarter of our lives. In fact the more conservative rhetoric of the republican party fit our general philosophy. Unfortunately what we accepted at face value ultimately turned out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Thick enough that the GOP apparently hoped the faithful flock would be unable to cut through it to see the reality it is intended to hide.

It’s popular to criticize RWR and indeed his legacy is certainly deserving of some criticism. However it was  GWB that really soured us on the republican party and DJT successfully destroyed whatever respect may have remained. If Trump represents modern conservatism and republicanism we want nothing to do with it. In fact working to destroy Trump and his brand of narcissistic and fascistic  conservatism is our final political goal in this life. Thus we cheer on democrats and independents to accomplish a sea change that benefits the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all Americans. Which is why the following is good and welcome news.

NBC – House Democrats have already raised more money in online contributions this year ahead of the midterms than they did during all of 2015, the most recently comparable year, a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee official told NBC News.

The unusual fundraising haul is the latest sign that President Donald Trump is motivating Democrats in extraordinary ways as the party looks to win back the 24 seats it needs to retake the House of Representatives in next year’s midterm elections and put Rep. Nancy Pelosi back in the Speaker’s chair.

The DCCC raised $20 million in online contributions since the start of the year from contributions averaging just $18, according to the group, beating the $19.7 million the committee raised during 2015, the last off-year ahead of an election year.

The campaign arm of House Democrats said more than 2.2 million people joined the committee’s grassroots email lists since the beginning of January, including 156,00 new donors.

“The DCCC is actively building the largest battleground in a decade, and that’s a testament to the grassroots energy that we’re witnessing every day, in every corner of America,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “Our record smashing grassroots, online fundraising haul is further evidence that House Democrats are on offense while Republicans are in a full meltdown.”


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