More Trump BS…

As Trump is  so often wont to do he is placing blame on senate democrats for delaying confirmation of his nominees. The only problem is responsibly for this rests squarely on his own shoulders. Like so mush else Trump says we learn the facts do not align with the truth.

AP – President Donald Trump is accusing Senate Democrats of slow-walking his nominees, but his blame is misplaced. It’s the president who is lagging behind his predecessors in naming candidates for key government posts during his first five months in the office.

Trump has so far nominated 110 people for 559 positions, fewer nominations than each of the last four presidents, according to the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service. By comparison, Democrat Barack Obama had selected 252 nominees by early June 2009.

Thirty-six percent of Trump’s nominees have been confirmed, compared with 59 percent for Obama, the group’s data show, suggesting that Trump indeed has had fewer nominees confirmed.

But blaming the Democrats in this case ignores the reality that Trump’s fellow Republicans control the Senate, where nominations are confirmed. They run the committees and schedule, and changes in Senate rules engineered by Democrats in 2013 require only a simple majority to confirm nominees.

As part of a Monday morning tweetstorm, Trump wrote that Democrats “are taking forever” to confirm his nominees, including ambassadors. “They are nothing but OBSTRUCTIONISTS! Want approvals,” he tweeted.

Really, a republican talking about obstructionists? Republicans are the masters at obstructionism as recent history glaringly shows. Republicans spent 8 years intentionally obstructing much of President Obama’s agenda. So, republicans, including the so-called president have absolutely nothing to crow about here.

Continue reading the AP article HERE.

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