Our Dishonest Chief Executive…

Judge Napolitano: ‘Credible and Compelling’ Case That Donald Trump Has Not Been Honest

Judge Napolitano, the libertarian Fox News legal beagle one would instinctively think would automatically be on the side of Trump and the gut the government brigade has signaled that Comey has made a credible and compelling case Trump has lied. Of course this comes as absolutely no surprise for those of us who have been paying attention ever since Trump announced his candidacy in 2016.

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano reacted to James Comey‘s congressional hearing on Thursday by underlining the serious legal implications of the former FBI director’s testimony.

“Today certainly advanced the ball on the seriousness of this investigation and the breadth of its scope,” Napolitano said. “If you look…at the big picture…you get a very, very credible and compelling argument that the President of the United States has not been truthful with the American people; and ordered the director of the FBI to shut down an investigation.”

The pundit continued by outlining, “Did he order it because he wanted to conserve Justice Department resources, or did he order it because he wanted to protect a friend? The former would be a legitimate order; the latter is arguably a corrupt order or a…corrupt intent.”

Moments later, anchor Shannon Bream pointed out that “we found out today that the former FBI director admits he’s the one who essentially funneled the information that got out there about these memos that he was keeping throughout a friend at Columbia.” She wondered, “What do you say about those documents and the leaking of them?”

Napolitano replied, “I think you could make both arguments. I think you could make the argument that the former director of the FBI improperly and unlawfully; and, for a venal purpose — to protect his own reputation — leaked a government document.”

The analyst added, “You could also say he viewed it as his own note to himself which he still possessed — even though he had given a copy to his former employer — and he wanted to advance the ball of truth. I don’t know where that’s going to go.”

Certainly the legal folks who make a living at attempting to prove liars are maybe telling the truth will jump to the pro Trump (liar) position. Those who are, and have been paying attention know Trump is a dishonest manipulative individual. One who cares only about himself and to hell with the truth or anyone else.

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Les Carpenter

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2 thoughts on “Our Dishonest Chief Executive…”

  1. Trump’s supporters will ignore Judge Napolitano, a person they would normally agree with, but only if he says what they want to hear. Currently, all the far right blogs and news sites are blaming Comey for the mess Trump made for himself. They conveniently forget that Trump himself, in front of the country, said he planned on firing Comey BEFORE the Rosenstein memo was written. He even bragged to the Russians that he fired Comey, and called him a “nut job,” to take the “pressure” of the Russia investigation off of him. In any other universe, except the far right’s universe, people understand what that means: Obstruction of justice.


  2. The far right is irredeemable. There is no possibility it will change. Their heads are incapable of grasping anything other than what they want to hear. Truth to them is whatever reinforces their long held and cherished delusions. Thankfully a majority sees through their BS and hopefully the numbers continue to grow.


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