Life Gets In The Way…

It’s been awhile, longer than we like. But life sometimes gets in the way and something just has to give. Blogging about sh*t that likely isn’t going to change is the first on the chopping block.

It seems as if life is going to keep getting in the way for a while so we thought we’d check in and inform those who might be interested. So, it’s done.

The several right-wing sh*theads that visit will no doubt be happy. So to you we say, you’re welcome. But, as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, I’ll Be Back! It will be with a vengeance we assure you.

All you folks fighting the good fight against the narcissistic authoritarian BLOTUS keep the faith and keep fighting. A decided majority of your fellow citizens KNOW Trump is a liar and an a*s.

Sooner or later truth and right wins. History, over the very long haul has borne this out. But there will always be sh*theads like Trump. So, the fight must continue and never stop.

Good Night, until life gives us a break from getting in the way.