Attorney General Jeff Sessions Hires Private Attorney To Represent Him… Trump Russia Scandal…

Trump Russia continues to heat up and Attorney General retains counsel.

WASHINGTON – Jeff Sessions, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer and top prosecutor, has private lawyer of his own.

Attorney Charles “Chuck” Cooper, a longtime advocate for conservative causes, has been providing counsel to the attorney general, most recently in preparation for his appearance last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is investigating possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.

Cooper confirmed Tuesday that he is representing the attorney general but declined further comment, citing “confidential client matters.”

Hm, “confidential client matters.”  We all know what that means.

Cooper confirmed Tuesday that he is representing the attorney general but declined further comment, citing “confidential client matters.”

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said Cooper, a Sessions friend and former candidate to serve as U.S. solicitor general, also advised Sessions during his January confirmation hearing.

In that hearing, Sessions said he had no contacts with Russian officials during the campaign, only to amend his testimony following disclosures in The Washington Post that he had met with the ambassador in July at the Republican National Convention and in September in the Washington office of the then-Alabama senator.

Oops! I lied. Retract and secure counsel quick.

Facing a storm of criticism about his failure to disclose the two encounters, Sessions recused himself in March from any involvement in the FBI’s inquiry into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

During the Intelligence Committee hearing last Tuesday, Sessions said that any suggestion he colluded with Russian officials while he was advising the Trump campaign is “an appalling and detestable lie.”

Um, we think we’ll wait for the honorable Special Counsellor Mueller to complete his investigation into the Trump Russia allegations. Where there is the smell of smoke there is usually fire. The stench of collusion and obstruction in the air is thick and very odious. America will know the TRUTH in due time.

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7 thoughts on “Attorney General Jeff Sessions Hires Private Attorney To Represent Him… Trump Russia Scandal…”

    1. An ironic coincidence, the only other world leader to rely on his son-in-law highly placed in his administration was Bennito Mussolini and his daughter’s husband, Count Gian Ciano. Throw in brushing aside the
      Romanian Prime Minister and thrusting out his stubborn chin, and the
      comparison is striking…and concerning. Unless you are considerably
      younger than me. 🙂


  1. The wingnuts are jumping like frogs on a hot plate over a win by a Gooper in a red, red district that she should have won by 20 points instead of 6. Meanwhile, they’re mute about Trump’s miserable approval numbers and the fact that he’s under investigation by the FBI. Let them have a win that was inevitable in a red, red district. They need to feel things are going great for them, when, in fact, with Lord Dampnut as BLOTUS, they’re not.


    1. The glee republicans are feeling over this win is intersesting as what you point out is true. However, they won nonetheless. The third republican win out of 4 special elections. This does put some wind in their sails and the snoozing public that obviously pays little to no attention may just take this as giving credibility to the BLOTUS agenda. I posted on this today.

      We’ll have to wait and see. The last thing democrats need is complacency and they DO need to put together a clear and substantive national agenda soon. Then they need to get the attention of the American electorate. Is there a JFK somewhere waiting in the wings?


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