Trump’s New Voter Commission To Store Voter Data At White House…

Apparently the USA executive branch under reality show host and real estate mogul Donald J. Trump is moving us one yuuuuge step closer to George Orwell’s dystopian society  depicted in his novel 1984. With his right-wing supporters  in congress and red state governors supporting his unfounded claims of massive voter fraud he is pushing his xenophobic agenda forward. We’ll say again, America Beware.

The Washington Post – The Trump administration formally identified its 10-member commission seeking voter data from all 50 states in a court filing Thursday that also said the commission intends to keep the data it collects at the White House.

The response came in a lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a civil liberties group, that has asked a federal judge in Washington to block the requests for voter information until the government conducts a full assessment of the impact on Americans’ privacy.

The commission’s request for voting information has caused a nationwide uproar, with officials in nearly every state saying they cannot or will not turn over all of the data.

President Trump has made claims widespread voter fraud cost him the popular vote in November, although critics say the claim is unsubstantiated and is a pretext for voter suppression.

[Trump’s voter-fraud commission wants to know voting history, party ID and address of every voter in the U.S.]

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Is The USA Still A Functioning Democratic Republic?… As Put In Place By Our Founders?

Is America still a functioning rational democratic republic? It is becoming questionable in the era of Trump.

Excerpts from The Washington Post – …  Our political discussion is being brought down by Trump’s self-involvement, his apparent belief that he can only win if he identifies an enemy to attack, and his refusal to make extended and carefully thought-through arguments about anything of substance. Spectacle drives out problem-solving. Our national attention span, never one of our strongest suits, follows Trump down to a level that, in fairness to children, cannot even be called childlike.

The health-care debate is the obvious example. The Republican Congress spotlights “repealing Obamacare.” But this is simply a slogan. What Trump and his party said they’d create was a better health-care system — “something great,” he enthused. The actual bills under debate add more than 20 million people to the ranks of the uninsured, which is not exactly great.

A functioning democracy would grapple in a bipartisan way with how to cover everyone more cost-effectively. This is not happening. Trump will declare anything the GOP pushes through — no matter how many of the people who voted for him lose insurance — a “win.” That is all that matters to him.

If there was anything useful about the Trump campaign, it was the extent to which it forced Americans who live in thriving parts of the country to notice how badly other regions are doing and how angry many of the people who live in those beleaguered communities are.

In the brief intervals when he is not distracting us with wrestling videos, comments on Brzezinski’s appearance and the like, Trump can offer decent talking points about “workforce development” and apprenticeships. But his policies regularly undermine his promises. Nothing should be more important to Trump’s presidency than keeping his commitments to workers in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. But these don’t fascinate the president nearly as much as his vendettas and his role as a cable-news critic.

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Trump’s Fake News…

As Trump travels to Europe we have come to expect the proverbial dog and pony show from the Trump administration, all admist his unfounded Fake News claims.

As one reads the following it is clear Trump, the minority president, is employing the tactics of all strong men authoritarians who are basically despised by the majority of the population they rule.

Indeed American democracy is at risk…  From within, and, from the very man elected via an outdated electorial college to the highest office in the land.

America BEWARE.

Donald Trump didn’t exactly earn a unanimously warm welcome during his first trip to Europe as president in May. To ensure that his second visit starts off on a far more positive note this week, considerable measures are being taken, including those borrowed straight from the Communist Party playbook.

Ahead of making his way to Germany for the start of the G-20 summit Friday, Trump will land in Poland Wednesday and is guaranteed a rapturous reception: Supportive crowds literally will be bused in to cheer for him.

Trump will find a rare European friend in Poland, a country governed by its own nationalistic government and encouraged by the new U.S. president’s intention to shake up the global political order. Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that, like Trump, Poland’s government was being attacked by “liberals, post-communists, lefties and genderists.” He added that Trump was “a man who is changing the shape of the world’s political scene.”

The leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, meanwhile, touted Trump’s visit as a major source of pride for the country.

“We have new success, Trump’s visit,” the conservative said. “[Others] envy it, the British are attacking us because of it.”

But the reason that Trump is even in Poland is thought to be in no small part due to the fawning reception he has been promised. And the country’s right-wing government is taking no chances to ensure the U.S. president gets his wish.

Supporters will be bussed to Warsaw, the scene of Trump’s speech Thursday, from all over Poland to participate in what has been deemed a “great patriotic picnic.”


Yet, while Trump shares much of the nationalistic anti-immigrant policies of Poland’s ruling party, just 23 percent of Poles have confidence in him. That compares to the 58 percent that expressed confidence in Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama at the end of his second term.

And, while likely not visible to the president, there will be signs of opposition to Trump.

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