As Senator McCain Battles Cancer He Continues To Be The Moral Voice Of The GOP…

McCain has become the moral voice of the Republican Party, whose leaders have not always said out loud what they really think about Trump.

All Americans who recognize the evil that is inherent in Donald J. Trump’s character should be thankful for Senator McCain’s outspokenness and his criticism of Trump’s lack of character and boorishness.

Our thoughts and positive vibes go out to Senator McCain as he fights his battle against brain cancer.

We’re pulling for ya Senator and have every confidence you’ll be back at doing what you have always done. Shining a spotlight where it need to be directed.

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Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

13 thoughts on “As Senator McCain Battles Cancer He Continues To Be The Moral Voice Of The GOP…”

  1. I didn’t always agree politically with Senator McCain, but I never doubted his patriotism and love of country and was shocked beyond belief at Comrade Trump’s attack on Sen. McCain when he said the senator was admired only because he was captured, and Trump bragged he likes people who were not captured. That did it for me. I was stunned that Trump would still be considered for the presidency by people in the GOP, a political party that always honored our military and their sacrifices. But Trump’s insult to a POW did nothing to harm his reputation in the eyes of his supporters.

    Many principled Republicans and Conservatives can see what a disaster Trump is to their party and country. But Trump still has the undying support of the blind, the easily duped, and those who put more loyalty in a fellow tribesman than in the United States of America.

    Back in 2015, when Comrade Trump attacked John McCain’s sacrifice to America, I knew that deep down inside Trump, he was a hollow and degenerate human being.

    I’ve been proved correct.


    1. I have always respected Senator McCain and admired his courage and tenacity while not always agreeing with him. In fact I found myself disagreeing with him more on policy matters as I aged.

      Trump is a man void of character, grace, humility, or any other redeeming values. At least as far as I can see. His narcissism and total self serving personality/character precludes him from being capable of being anything but the jackass that he is.

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  2. Les, you are correct about Trump. He is not a politician but shares their narcissistic behavior. He is unlike any politician in the sense he says what he thinks and for a politician that is deadly. He can’t be bought and and is not campaigning for reelection after two weeks .
    He did the country a great service by keeping -H- out of the oval office and so far he has a number of accomplishments. You don’t hear about them in the press because of russiamania.

    We won’t see much about repealing obamacare because free stuff is so hard to take back. No matter how long the democrats keep russiamania going not one diplomat or boarder guard died because of stupid decisions by corrupt and incompetent politicians.


    1. I know I am correct abut Trump… ABSOLUTLY in every way. Ways I have enunciated for over a year.

      You are correct, he is a narcissist and he is not a politician. But help me out here, just how is that observation relevant? Please be specific.

      He can’t be bought? Perhaps. But, explain why he believes it appropriate to buy politicians. Something he has admitted to doing. On BOTH sides of the aisle.

      In your myopic and hyper partisan view he did a great service keeping HRC out of office after receiving fewer votes. Lets talk after Trump, if he’s successful, turns the democratic republic of the USA into Little Russia.

      As for “free stuff” and such, well, that’s been your delusional meme for as long as I’ve followed you on the interlubes of insanity.

      It is sad skudrunner that a business owner like yourself has succumbed to the obvious BS of the GOP and the BLOTUS. But as they say, it is what it is. As one of the 36%’ers nothing anyone says will change your mind.

      BTW, Trump IS perhaps one of the NOST corrupt “Presidents” in our history.


  3. As a business owner I am starting to see some relief from obamanomics better known as hinder success. Cell phones, food stamps, housing, adc, welfare all free to those who refuse but are able to work. I can’t speak for you but I work hard and pay taxes and get a little discouraged when my efforts go to waste. Offer a hand up not a hand out.

    We entered hyperparticism in January 2009 when the special interest administration entered office. The ones who have benefited are the rich and the poor. I am not certain which category you fit into. I always associated you with the middle class but like your associate you may part of the elite rich who has prospered for eight years. If so, good for you.

    Oh I have never thought of myself as a republican but an independent who is a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. We are called those without a party.


    1. Just as you I worked very hard all my life. While I did not own a business of my own I did manage the business interests of a national corporation who had interests in MA. I am no stranger to regulatory red tape and environmental restrictions. Unlike you (apparently) I understand the publics interest and concern with regards to safety, health, the environment, and a businesses responsibility to the same. Fortunately for me I worked for corporations who also understood those concerns. But, had it not been for the government oversight and regulations it is likely the profit motive would have been their only concern and focus.

      Hyper partisanship has been around for one hell of a lot longer than 2009 skudrunner. I dnt know about yu but history was my bag all through high school and he first two years of college. You might want to check out the Adams and Jefferson campaigns. The one Adams lost.

      Special interests have been a reality for longer than just since 2009. In fact the special interests of business were front and center during the Reagan GHWB, and GWB administrations. As they were during the WJC administration. In fact special interests have played a part in politics since our founding. I leave it to you to do whatever you will with the truth.

      You are correct, I am part of the boomer generation middle class. I worked my ass off and put in many long hours to achieve that status, just as my father and grandfather did before me. And, just as my children are doing today. BTS skudrunner I an 65 years young, semi retired and now working part time as a CPT (NASM certified persona trainer) working with the 55-90 year young age group helping them to maintain their quality of life. Oh, and I do this for $13.00/hr. as I view it as doing something of great value and giving something back. The rate for a CPT s $65-75/hr. depending on location.

      You may have thought of yourself as an independent skudrunner but from where most folks sit you’re a conservative partisan my friend. You are FAR from a social liberal with a conscience focused on the social welfare of this nation. IMNHO anyway.


  4. Hyperpartisanship is nothing new; goes back to Aaron Burr, through the
    attacks on Andrew Jackson’s wife, the Swiftboat assholes, ad nausea. IMO, the GOP has taken it to new heights and not only against Democrats. Thehyperpartisanship led by Rove and Atwater against the respected McCain proved that the electorate unfortunately has a lot of dumb suckers. When people
    believe that cold hard facts are fake news, we end up with a bizarre administration of rich buddies and sycophants; so absorbed with billion
    dollar deals they haven’t a clue about society other than their own type.
    Nor are they studied in history, geography, science or world affairs.
    IMO frankly, John McCain was a Republican; the rest are RINOS. We
    struggle and the world laughs.


    1. Yes BB Idaho, the free world laughs. America is no longer the nation and world leader it once was. While there is blame to go around the GOP is without a doubt the party that shoulders the most weight.

      I was once a republican, that ended a dozen years ago. And the present “conservatives”, not at all like the principled conservatives of old.

      The best thing would be if the GOP imploded and a new rational party emerged from the ashes.


  5. Hyper-partisanship has been increasing for some time, but the significance of early 2009 (when Obama took office) is that that was the time the Republican party finally went completely flaming-batshit insane — the rise of the Tea Party, McConnell’s declaration (in the depths of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression) that Republicans’ top priority was to make Obama a one-term President, etc.

    Before 2009 we had two political parties, even if one of them was run by and for theocrats and kleptocrats. Now we have one party and a mafia-like organization dedicated to acquiring power at any cost, even if it means electing a President who is an utter disgrace to the office, even if it means ignoring evidence of subversion by a hostile foreign dictatorship.

    McCain was an honorable man. Romney was a slimebucket who at least pretended to be an honorable man. Trump doesn’t even bother to pretend.

    “Grab ’em by the pussy”, “blood coming from her wherever”, a decades-long history of stiffing vendors and scamming the gullible, overt appeals to blatant racism, flagrant exploitation of the Presidency to enrich his family, and, yes, his shocking insult to McCain — what would Reagan have thought? What would Eisenhower have thought?

    The party of Trump has become the party of the Dark Ages. In 2008, McCain and even Palin unequivocally affirmed their acceptance of evolution, when asked. Almost no Republican would dare do so today. Trump has voluntarily surrendered US leadership in the fight against anthropogenic global warming (also handing other countries first crack at the technological advances that fight will bring), and most of his party says nothing. They’ve thrown in their lot with the most ignorant, with those who reject science and education, the keys to prosperity and power

    You can see the spirit of that dark and barbaric constituency in their reactions to McCain’s cancer. These are the kind of people who would hoot and holler around a witch-burning, not citizens of a modern society.


    1. The only thing I don’t fully agree with is characterizing Romney as a slime bucket. He was an effective Republican governor in very blue Massachusetts. The ACA was patterned much like Romneycare and his record does reflect some positive things. Having said that, yes , Romney is an opportunist. Hell, he is a politician.

      At any rate Romney was not Trump or Pence and I’d him in a heartbeat over the current train wreck of a president.


      1. I was referring to the parasitic behavior of Bain Capital, and his contemptuous remarks about the “47%” when he thought he wasn’t being recorded. It’s true that Trump is far worse, but those things are still disgusting.


        1. Those two issues certainly leave a blemish on Romney’s character. I do agree they are ddisgusting. Yet looking at Romney in total I believe he is basically a decent person. Trump I cannot (and will not) say the same for.


          1. Romney was born into a wealthy family. He could have done anything he wanted with his life. He chose to further enrich himself by destroying the lives of other people Sorry, but that’s something that defines a person to the core, no matter what else he did.


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