Is Single Payer a Possibility?

“My critics will say that Trump, uncharacteristically, puts too much faith in bureaucracy; a single-payer plan would generate a gigantic agency to distribute funds to doctors. I’d point out that by creating one agency we do away with hundreds of smaller ones that are hard to monitor.” —Donald Trump, The America We Deserve, 2000

My my my, apparently Trump had a right-wing epiphany over the ensuing 17 years since his 2000 position. But did he really? If Trump is nothing else he prides himself on being a winner. Irrespective of the conventional wisdom that he couldn’t win the presidency in 2016 he did. He identified the angst of millions of Americans and was able to ride that to victory.

Trump wants to win. He used conservatism and the electoral advantage the GOP has to ride to victory. He’s talked out of both sides of his mouth on multiple issues and he’s angered his own party as well as his opponents. It is clear that Trump is his own man and he doesn’t care who he pis*es off. He concern is winning and neither consistency nor ideology will he let stand in his way. He’ll do whatever he believes will make him a winner.

This also makes him a formidable adversary as well as dangerous. Why? Simply because he is a man with few, if any core values. Other than winning that is. Wish for the best but prepare for the worst. That is the position he puts us all in all the time.

Back to the opening quote. Who knows what healthcare will look like when Trump leaves office. Assuming he makes it a full term, or two. If he does it is possible that maybe the good ole US of A may actually have a civilized system that insures health care for ALL American citizens.

With Trump anybody’s guess is as good as the next. Remember, Trump likes to win. Somehow I think that may be working in the American people’s favor on this issue.

This article is an interesting read.

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Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

6 thoughts on “Is Single Payer a Possibility?”

  1. It is common knowledge that the we compare poorly to the rest of the world in healthcare, both cost efficiency and outcome-wise. We note that of the typical US payer
    it costs $9000/yr evenly split between public/non profit and profit providers. That is 4500/4500. The rest vary from Switzerland at 2200/4500
    to Norway 500/5100. We presume that private costs include profits, which
    probably accounts for a poorer cost efficiency from the patient’s standpoint, those going to CEOs and shareholders rather than healthcare.
    A point in case is the recent sale of our community hospital. It has been
    in this rural area for 100 years, run by Catholic sisters. Last year it was
    purchased for an alarmingly low price by a health business consortium, approved by the GOP run state government. Last week, just before the handpicked corporate manager showed up, the hospital laid off 72 nurses and the medical director. Local people are worried. A brief investigation of the new ownership shows a corporation owned by another corporation, layers of management: not a single person on the corporate boards was
    a healthcare professional. From a reduction ad absurdum standpoint
    we note the 2nd Amendment to some means putting weapons in the hands of children and methally disabled, and similarly the BigMed may read the Hippocratic Oath as prioritizing profits, but, given the RW propaganda about single payer being essentially Stalinism, we have a far far way to go.
    If we would like it in our lifetime, we need to move to ANY other civilized country. Just saying…


    1. Well said BB, as always. In America profit is the driver. I generally have no problem with profit, hell, individuals essentially sell their labor for profit. Neither do I have a problem with healthcare providers making profit after the 10’s of thousand they pay for their education. What you have highlighted is something different. It is, pure and simple, greed.

      I often wonder how long it will be before capitalism destroys itself.


  2. Berniecare does not take into account that Medicare is prepaid medical insurance. Those who receive it have paid and are still paying into it. The more you make the more you pay but everyone receives the same benefit but it is not free.
    Obamacare and medicaid have the same pitfall. There are a limited number of providers who will accept either one. The Canadian system is government paid and is a good system if you are healthy. If you are not healthy it can be a nightmare because providers cannot accept private payments and therefore ration care.
    England has a program that actually works and most people under it are happy with the benefits. The government pays for healthcare but providers can take private payments and offer additional services and treatments. Not a bad system but I’m sure both sides will object and continue to punish the poor by keeping obamacare in place.


  3. So, we agree scudrunner. Medicare for all, premiums based on individual or family income. With the option for the individual to purchase supplemental coverage to further their OoP costs.

    See, it is possible to find common ground.


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