It’s Shaping Up As It Should, In Our Opinion..

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Les Carpenter

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11 thoughts on “It’s Shaping Up As It Should, In Our Opinion..”

  1. Of course, this poll does not factor in Russian influence in favor the the republicans. Perhaps the Democrats could get help from the Chinese? The North Koreans might be better hackers. This could be a way for them to get back at Trump.


  2. Impeachment after Democrats regain control? I sure hope so. Apparently Donny Junior was direct messaging through Twitter with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. This is even though, previously, when our albino VP was asked if the Trump campaign was communicating with Wikileaks, he said “nothing could be further from the truth”.

    As per Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), “…the fact of the matter was, this [WikiLeaks] was clearly one of the outlets Russia was using for publication [for hacked DNC material]. The [Trump] campaign knew it. They were more than willing to work with them. They were more than willing to trumpet the WikiLeaks disclosures”.


  3. It looks like the Dems have an advantage, but the Dems also have a habit of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. A lot can happen in a year. We’ll wait to see what the Mueller investigations reveal, and go from there.


  4. Two things will be key. If Mueller’s investigation turns up enough credible evidence of wrongdoing so it gets legs it could very well be over for Trump and Trumpism. If not we could very well be stuck with the BLOTUS for a full eight years if the economy does well.

    One of the things few seem to be talking about is the judicial appointments Trump will have the opportunity to make. That may have a very long term affect on our culture as he is appointing conservatives that think along similar lines as himself, and, I have heard he is appointing younger.


  5. “…he is appointing conservatives that think along similar lines as himself…”

    That would be difficult to judge, since Trump has only lately embraced conservatism — Breitbartian conservatism, that is. Trump has no core values. We can see every day by his muddled speeches and petulant tweets that he’s not really interested in policy and has no depth of knowledge on national or foreign issues. Someone, or a group of people, is obviously placing names for judicial appointments in front of him.

    Trump, remember, was involved in real estate and casinos and beauty pageants (oh and the WWE), and the only politics he was involved in before running for POTUS was the politics of slander and smearing — claiming President Obama’s birth certificate was fake. One of his biggest and ugliest lies. He was forced to eat that lie in front of the country a few months before the election because someone or some group told him he had to. Trump has no core convictions or values and he dropped his 5-year lie about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate as soon as he realized it would be a liability because, of course, there was no truth whatsoever to it.


    1. Nevertheless, it is probably safe to assume that he is listening to conservatives that agree and support his position on immigration, taxes, judicial restraint (not necessarily a bad thing when applied appropriately), and other things he has signaled a retreat from. Those individuals likely are as or more conservative than Trump who really isn’t a conservative in the conventional sense at all.

      All the other stuff at this time is really just continuing to pour fuel on and fan the flames of extreme dislike and distrust. I’m not convinced it is doing all that much good any longer. Besides, dwelling on old tired negatives rather than moving forward and addressing the real and live current issues affecting our nation and the world seems more positive and likely to have a desirable effect. At least on those of us who haven’t swallowed Trumpism hook line and sinker.

      Negativism is killing me and I’m he only one responsible to stop it. 🙂


  6. We detect a small crack in the Dutch Dike of stupidity. Senator Susan Collins
    was met by a cheering crown in Maine when she voted against the GOP plan
    to kill Obamacare. This week she voted FOR the tax bill and was met at the airport by a silent crowd with their backs turned and her Bangor office crammed with protestors until five were arrested. Is it still ‘government
    of the people’?


    1. Is it still ‘government
      of the people’?

      There may remain a slender thread of hope remaining. I’d say we’ll just have to wait and see, but, I may be fish food before it happens.


  7. BB,
    What you describe, of course, is not “government by the people”. It is “protest by the people”. Unfortunately, “the government” is not listening.


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