Our Next President?……

Finally we find ourselves excited about a young, articulate, intelligent, educated, rational, and reasonable democrat that talks sense and actually has a vision that just might remedy some of our national problems.

The Mayor of South Bend Indiana this 37 year old is a Rhodes Schoolar, speaks 7 languages, and most importantly understands that American capitalism is the single most powerful engine known  to mankind with respect to economic development and growth.

He has not yet declared his candidacy but has plans to announce this coming weeked. He has raised 7 million dollars in the first quarter of this year, out performing the majority of announced democratic candidates.

Directly below is a 13+ minute video woth watching. Folowed by a hot link to the full complete interview, Be sure to make time to take in both.  Pete Buttigieg may very well be The Real Deal. Just what America needs during this era of Trumpism and general political insanity.

The article teaser:

In the sprawling 2020 Democratic field, Pete Buttigieg may be the unlikeliest serious contender of all.

He’s just 37 years old. He’s the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a city of barely more than 100,000 people. If elected, he would become the youngest president in American history, and the first to be openly gay.

Yet Buttigieg has a remarkably broad range of experiences and talents. After graduating from Harvard, he became a Rhodes scholar. He advised major businesses as a McKinsey & Co. management consultant. He won the mayoralty at age 29 and then, while serving, was deployed as a naval intelligence reserve officer to Afghanistan. He speaks seven languages and has performed Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” on piano with the South Bend Symphony.

Even while officially just “exploring” a Democratic nomination bid, Buttigieg has ridden his millennial appeal past more experienced rivals in some polls and in fundraising. The $7 million he raised in the first quarter of 2019 exceeded the totals of Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker.

Full article BELOW the FOLD.



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Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

2 thoughts on “Our Next President?……”

  1. I’d like to see Buttigieg enter the race. I think we need to look to the younger candidates for this presidential election. It is time for the next generation to step up and take over.

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