The Truth, Regardless What Huckabee Sanders Would Have You Believe……

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Sunday that she doesn’t believe members of Congress are “smart enough” to examine President Trump’s tax returns, pushing back against Democrats’ demands for information on the president’s finances.

Of course we ALL know that Sara Huckabee Sanders is full of the brown stuff.

Certainly there are a multitude of congress criters and senators that are light years smarter than President Trump. He proves this every single day of his presidency!

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, Sanders said that Democrats were treading a “dangerous road” and that their request for Trump’s tax returns is “all about political partisanship.”

No it’s not. It is ALL ABOUT seeing whether our president is honest and on the up and up. In other words it is all about America knowing wether of not their presiodent is possibly compromised by their dealings with some foreign country. Particuarly some adversarial country like say Russia or China.

“Frankly, Chris, I don’t think Congress — particularly not this group of congressmen and women — are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that I would assume that President Trump’s taxes will be,” Sanders said. “My guess is most of them don’t do their own taxes, and I certainly don’t trust them to look through the decades of success that the president has and determine anything.”

Franklly,  as I said above, there are many Congress critters that are smarter than Trump. He proves this truth almost daily.

That aside, Congress also has attorneys, as well as other knowledable resources to aid them in sifting through the minutiae  that no doubt makes up Trump’s tax returns.

She added that the Democratic effort puts “every American” in jeopardy.

“If they can single out one, they can single out everybody,” she said.

Trump refused to release his tax returns during the 2016 presidential campaign, breaking decades of precedent under which candidates for the White House voluntarily released their returns. Trump claimed it wouldn’t make sense to release his tax returns while, he said, they are under audit.

Well, lets think about that for a minute.

How exactly does it it put “every American” in jeopardy knowing their president is not a crook. A person that is in no way compromised by the nefarious interests of a hostile nation?

Whatn Americans want to know is that their elected officials are in no way compromised by any private dealings they may of had before becoming our nations head of state. Trump certainly has given many reasons for pause. As well as to question his motives and loyalty to this country.

There can be ONLY one reason he has refused to release his ax returns. There is something, or many things, he does not wat the nation to know aboput him.

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