Sanders Shoots Self In The Foot…..

The question was stark: Would you support enfranchising incarcerated people like the Boston Marathon bomber or convicted rapists?

The answer Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont gave was starker: Yes.

“I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy,” Mr. Sanders said during a town hall-style event on CNN this past week. “Yes, even for terrible people.”


That singular answer made up my mind. I can not, and I will not vote for Bernard Sanders should he win the democratic nomination. Period.

Individuals who commit heinous crimes against their fellow humans have, in my educated opinion, given up their right to have a voice in our society.

Why in the hell should evil destructive degenerates have the right to be heard or counted AFTER destroying the lives of innocent individuals? Why should  such a person have the same rights to be heard as those of decent law-abiding citizens who have never harmed anyone? Why should a monster who has zero understanding of the rights of others  have a right to be heard. Answer, they shouldn’t. 

Having said the foregoing I do believe that AFTER individuals have FULLY  paid their debt to society for their grievous actions against their right to vote should be open to review and consideration. It should however not be automatic.

Sanders has obviously allowed his extreme progressivism to addle his brain. Either that or he severed his connection to reason. BTW, NO democratic candidate who shares Sanders views on this issue deserves consideration in my educated opinion, Period.

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