Executive Priviledge In TrumpLand, Echoes Of Nixon and Watergate……

Trump is apparently very, very worried. He ought to be. With the Senate calling Trump Jr, to testify before it and AG Barr being cited for contempt of congress the president’s world continues to look bleaker and bleaker. So, his administration has invoked executive privilege. There is no doubt something in the redacted sections of the Mueller report that Trump does not want Congress to see.

President Donald Trump’s administration invoked executive privilege Wednesday to explain why Attorney General William Barr won’t hand over special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report to Congress. There’s just one problem: Executive privilege has nothing whatsoever to do with the parts of the report that were redacted in its earlier release.

Executive privilege covers communications between the president and his closest aides on matters that must be kept from Congress or the courts to protect the effective operation of the executive branch.

Barr already had a chance to redact anything from the Mueller report that in his judgment would’ve violated executive privilege — when he did the redaction in the first place.

But Barr didn’t redact anything at all from the report on the basis of executive privilege. In fact, he included plenty of material in the report, such as conversations between Trump and White House counsel Donald McGahn, that arguably could have been included within the privilege.

In other words, Barr has already effectively determined that nothing in the Mueller report needed to be redacted for executive privilege reasons.

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The nation waits as the gears of our lumbering bureaucracy grind towards a full accounting of Trump and his administrations arguably unethical and possibly criminal activities.


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