Are The Stars Aligned Against Trump in 2020?……

Pressure is mounting.

Polls now clearly demonstrate that a significant majority (60%)  of Americans do not want Trump to remain in office.

NEW YORK — A federal judge on Wednesday allowed the House to move ahead with subpoenas seeking years of President Donald Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, dealing the second blow in a matter of days to Trump’s legal strategy of stonewalling Democrats’ mounting investigations.

U.S. District Court Judge Edgardo Ramos rejected a request by Trump and his family to block the subpoenas issued by Democrats on the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees. The subpoenas seek documents including tax returns, evidence of suspicious activity and, in the case of Deutsche Bank, any internal communications regarding Trump and his ties to foreign individuals.

The ruling by Ramos, an Obama appointee, followed a landmark decision by a different federal judge on Monday who said the House Oversight Committee could proceed with a subpoena of Trump records held by accounting firm Mazars USA. Trump is appealing that ruling.

The latest court decision comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tries to quell a growing push within her caucus to launch impeachment proceedings against Trump. Pelosi has made the case that moving forward with impeachment without Republican backing could hurt Democrats and that they should plow ahead with investigations in the meantime.

House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), who issued the Deutsche Bank subpoena, is one of the most vocal advocates for impeaching Trump.


So, democrats need to galvanize around core issues, thin the candidate field quickly, and start formulating the party’s agenda and priorities for America beyond the 2020 election.

Democrats must put forth a clear and positive agenda that the people will support. Then they must execute quickly when they gain back the executive branch. Only by doing this will they be able to restore American’s faith in government.

Our democratic republic has been put to the test with Trump. It is slowly approaching critical mass. There is no room for error or dalliance.