Lets Save Our Democratic Republic……

Found the video below on Progressive Eruptions this morning. A two plus minute video of republicans that have worked in previous republican administrations. They all, after reading the Mueller report,  believe that there the Mueller report makes a powerful case  that Trump indeed obstructed justice.

We are posting the short article written by Progressive Eruptions as well.

Republicans for the Rule of Law

Here are several Republicans who love America more than a politician who is currently disgracing the Oval Office.
Listen to these men who’ve served under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. They are serious, patriotic Americans who have read the Mueller Report and clearly see that Donald J. Trump obstructed justice. 

The American people need to listen to these Republicans and understand that if Trump gets away with his criminal behavior, we will be lost as a democracy.




It is time patriotic Americans of all political leanings to stand up and DEMAND that congress do its job!