As Conservatives and Religionists See Their Dream a Possible Reality In the Era of Trump……

Those who believed reproductive rights of women was a settled issue were wrong. With the election of Trump, and his subsequent appointment of conservative anti reproductive rights judges, a women’s right to a safe and legal abortion is seriously threatened.

Several conservative states are moving in the direction of severely restricting abortion rights already and you know it won’t be long before Roe is threatened. It has always been the dream and goal of the religious right and republicans to overturn Roe-v-Wade. So, get your dander up. Protest the attempt to take abortion back to the dark alleyways of America. Contribute to pro-choice candidates. And vote. For pro-choice candidates only.

Excerpt from the Dallas News.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ron Wright, R-Arlington, said on a video released by an abortion rights group that women commit murder if they have an abortion and should “absolutely” be punished.

Reproaction, an abortion rights advocacy group, published a video May 30 asking Wright what he thought of women going to jail for self-managed abortions.

“Of course they should,” Wright said after stating he considered that by having an abortion “they committed murder.”

When asked if women should be punished in general for getting an abortion, Wright said “absolutely.”


The Trump administration on Wednesday ended funding of medical research that uses fetuses of aborted babies. Wright tweeted his support: “Body parts of babies that have been aborted will no longer be used for research.”

Renewed attention on abortion laws have unfolded this year as states where Republicans have control look to impose new restrictions on abortion rights. Georgia, Missouri and Louisiana have passed laws banning abortions after six weeks of a woman’s pregnancy.

Alabama’s governor signed a law preventing abortions once the birth progress has begun. The goal is to outlaw abortion at any point unless the woman’s health is at risk.


In Texas, state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Arlington, authored legislation that would ban abortion regardless of federal laws or court decisions and subject mothers and physicians involved in abortion procedures to criminal criminal penalties.

Calling for the punishment of a woman is not the traditional response from abortion opponents.

“Women fearing prosecution are unlikely to seek timely treatment in the event of complications from the abortion, potentially compounding the loss of the child with the loss of her life,” wrote Kyleen Wright, president of Texans for Life, in April. “Such tragedies would be exploited by abortion advocates and the media — a losing narrative pre-Roe and now.”…

This issue is far from settled.

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Les Carpenter

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