Trump Intensifies The Saber Rattling……

Mr. Bolton, war hawk extraordinaire, is without a doubt urging Trump to rattle the sabers and crank up the rhetoric. There is nothing more Bolton would like than to see the USA at war with Iran.  Make no mistake, the war mongering Bolton has been working tirelessly to engineer another war in the Middle East. Hopefully Trump won’t be so stupid as to give us another Iraq.

Don’t hold your breath that Trump won’t.

Iran had been abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal, negotiated under President Barack Obama, before Mr. Trump pulled out, and has continued to do so since the withdrawal by the United States. But as American sanctions have squeezed the Iranian economy, Tehran has warned that it could not remain in the deal without getting European help to find workarounds to the sanctions.

“This was an entirely predictable consequence of the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal and maximum pressure strategy,” said Ali Vaez, director of the Iran project at the International Crisis Group, a conflict-resolution organization. “In practice, maximum pressure has produced maximum peril and minimum strategic results.”

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