Another Swamp Creature In The Spotlight……

Trump promised to “drain the swamp”, and we assumed he meant drain it of corruption. But of course that was just another of the Trump campaign memes, and like so many others the swamp remains swampy and the family values party has rather mucked it up worse than it has ever been during the modern era.

Not at all suprising really, the party leader, aside from being the nation’s most famous pus*y grabber, is also a liar, a cheat, and generally a man of little to no decency or integrity.

One could say the party is simply following their leader down the path of corruption, indecency, dishonesty, and anti Americanism. But Trump won the election and apparently his winning is embolding other lawmakers to act as if they, like their leader, believe they do o need to act ethically and see themselved as above the law.

Hunter said Tuesday: “This is all going to trial, so you have criminally political prosecutors in this case. . . . This is a personal smear campaign.” He declined to address the allegations of affairs.

In the new filing, prosecutors allege Hunter’s romantic entanglements blossomed as he used campaign money for large expenses — such as a ski trip near Lake Tahoe — and small ones, such as Uber rides to and from the women’s homes.


Hunter and his wife, Margaret, were charged last year with using more than $250,000 in campaign funds to pay for family vacations, theater tickets and other personal expenses. Prosecutors say he used his campaign account as his “personal piggy bank” to live well beyond his means.


Hunter was one of the first lawmakers to endorse Donald Trump’s run for office. Prosecutors have sought to preclude the congressman’s defense from alleging political bias at his trial.

Hunter’s wife, meanwhile, pleaded guilty in the case this month and agreed to “tell everything,” according to a copy of her agreement with prosecutors. Prosecutors revealed in another court filing they have texts between Margaret and her husband, who have three children, in which they discussed using campaign funds on personal expenses.