Cavuto is Exactly Right…

No longer a Fox News Network fan. Every since the network became DJT’s biggest cheerleader, often looking the other way when he lied, the station is pretty much kept in the OFF status at home. But I have to give Neil Cavuto kudos and high fives for the honesty in his response to Trump’s growing disenchantment with what used to be his go to network to get all his news. Excerpts follow.

CAVUTO: All right, well, I think the president watches Fox.

I also think he is getting sick of Fox, which is weird because I think he gets pretty fair coverage at Fox. But the president making clear to fact-check him is to be all but dead to him and his legion of supporters, who let me know in no uncertain terms I am either with him totally, or I am a never-Trumper fully.

There are no grays, no middle ground. You’re either all-in or you’re just out; loyal on everything or not to be trusted on anything.


CAVUTO: Which could explain the president himself this week bashing Fox News yet again, urging his supporters to stop watching the channel, to quote tweet: “Fox isn’t working for us anymore.”

Well, first of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you — just report on you, to call balls and strikes on you.

My job, Mr. President — our job — here is to keep the score. It’s not settle scores. Now, in my case, to report the economic numbers when they’re good and when they’re bad, when the markets are soaring and when they’re tumbling, when trade talks look like they’re coming together and when they look like they’re falling apart. It is called being fair and balanced, Mr. President.

Yet it is fair to say you’re not a fan when that balance includes stuff you don’t like to hear or facts you don’t like to have questioned.


CAVUTO: You’re only human. I get that. Who likes to be corrected? But you are the president. It comes with the job, just like checking what you say and do comes with my job.

After all, I’m not the one who said tariffs are a wonderful thing; you are.

Just like I’m not the one who said Mexico would pay for the wall; you did.

Just like I’m not the one who claimed that Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 election; you did.

Now, I’m sorry you don’t like these facts being brought up, but they are not fake because I did. What would be fake is if I never did, if I ignored all the times you said you loved your old Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, until you didn’t, had no plans to dump your homeland security secretary, until you did, called Chinese President Xi Jinping an “enemy” just last week and a great leader this week.

Sometimes, you don’t even wait that long. Last week, you expressed an appetite for background checks, before arguing just hours later our background checks are already strong.

These aren’t fake items. They’re real items, and you really said them, just like you never paid to silence a porn star, until it turns out you did, never ordered your former White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Bob Mueller, until we learn you tried.

Fake is when it’s wrong, Mr. President, not when it’s unpleasant, just like it isn’t and wasn’t fake when you said the “Access Hollywood” tape wasn’t real, when it was, or that you inherited a depression from Barack Obama, when you didn’t, or that you ripped quantitative easing when he was president, but are furious the Federal Reserve isn’t doing the same for you now that you’re president.

Lets hope Fox News Network follows Cavuto’s lead and the entire crew at Fox lets DJT know they are no longer for sale.

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If Only We Had an Honest Leader, But, Trump is Neither a Leader or Honest…

We all know DJT is a liar. In fact he is a pathological liar. In other words telling lies is as natural for Trump as it is natural for a good and honest person to tell the truth.  Whatever it is or was that made DJT a liar is anybodies guess. Unfortunately our country is stuck with, saddled with, a president that simply does not know what the truth is. With Truimp the truth is whatever he wants the truth to be at any given moment.

While we don’t need a reminder that Trump is a liar (he lies every day) it never hurts to refocus on the truth so consider the following that refocus on the truth.

Sadly, many babies are born with birth defects. And Donald Trump was born with one of the rarest birth defects of all: He is congenitally incapable of telling the truth. Which he proved again this week.

Embarrassed when reminded by reporters that he’d allowed 12 days to elapse before making any comment about the loss of four servicemen killed in Niger, Trump promised he would call family members of each of the four — which, he asserted, no other president had ever done. Which was a big fat lie. Former White House staffers immediately confirmed that former Presidents George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama had all made those painful calls.

Trump was further embarrassed when Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson told CNN about one awkward call. In the car with Myeshia Johnson, widow of slain Sgt. La David Johnson, Wilson overheard Trump make the crudely insensitive observation: “He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurts.”

What was Trump’s response? Another big lie: He had proof he never made such a statement. Like many reporters, I rushed to the White House briefing that afternoon to see the proof. But there was none. The only “proof” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders could offer was that several other people were in the Oval Office when Trump made the call. Which proves nothing.

These are just the latest examples of the avalanche of what former FBI Director James Comey called “lies, plain and simple” that Donald Trump has told as president. They include such whoppers as drawing the biggest inauguration crowd in history. Not true. Barack Obama’s was bigger. And racking up more electoral votes than any president since Ronald Reagan. Not true. George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all got more electoral votes than Trump.

The cascade of lies rolls on, for matters big and small. In July, he bragged about signing more bills at that point in his presidency than any president ever. Not true. Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman and FDR all signed more. He asserted again this week that Obamacare “covers very few people.” Not true. Even though he’s doing everything he can to sabotage it, Obamacare still covers some 20 million Americans via individual health policies or Medicaid.

Is there anything Trump will not lie about? Apparently not. He insists he’s appeared on the cover of Time magazine more than anybody else. Not true. He’s appeared on the cover 11 times; Richard Nixon, 55. And he still maintains that nobody talked about Russia’s interference in the 2016 election until after he won, which is manifestly untrue.

Trump even lies about his roots. In his book “The Art of the Deal,” Trump says his immigrant grandfather “came here from Sweden as a child.” Actually, he came here from Germany. Little Donald was repeating a lie told by his father Fred, as noted by the New York Times in his 1999 obituary: “Fred Trump would tell friends and acquaintances that he was of Swedish origin, although both his parents were born in Germany.”

Every day, in fact, Trump spews out more lies, which keeps the good people at PolitiFact working overtime. Founded in 2007 by the Tampa Bay Times to check the accuracy of statements made by politicians of both parties, PolitiFact consistently gives Trump the lowest possible rating. As a candidate, they classified 78 percent of Trump’s comments as “false,” “mostly false,” or — the worst — “liar, liar, pants on fire.” So far, 69 percent of his presidential statements get the same dismal rating.

Of course, Trump’s not the first president not to tell the truth. President Eisenhower covered up the mission of U-2 spy pilot Francis Gary Powers. Ronald Reagan lied about selling arms to the Contras. Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky. But Donald Trump’s the first president to lie about everything. Indeed, he lies with such facility you wonder if he’s so divorced from reality that he doesn’t even know he’s lying. He’s clearly unable to tell the difference, or unwilling to take the time to learn, between what is true and what he wants to be true.

For anybody, that’s a serious problem. For a president of the United States, that’s a national crisis. If we can’t believe our president, whom can we believe?

Sad! As they used to say of Richard Nixon, America began with a president who wouldn’t tell a lie, and now we’re stuck with one who can’t tell the truth.

It is a sad time for America and for Americans who actually value the truth.

The Good News Is Trump Is Being Primaried – By Two Sane Republicans…

While Walsh is not a guy I would vote for he is  one person in the republican party willing to call Trump out on his many character flaws as well as policy he disagrees with Trump on. We wish him well as he primaries Trump in 2020. We also along wish Bill Weld who announced his primary challenge in April.

Joe Walsh wants to turn the Republican presidential primary into “a referendum on Trump the man.”

The one-term former Illinois congressman spoke with Jewish Insider on Tuesday about his seemingly quixotic quest to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Walsh, who declared his candidacy earlier this week, is the second significant primary challenger to Trump, joining former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who announced his campaign in April.

The Illinois conservative has long been prone to “Trumpian” rhetoric, both on his radio talk show and his Twitter account. As a result of Walsh’s comments — which have included repeatedly calling former President Barack Obama a Muslim — he has spent much of the first several days of his campaign apologizing for past statements. In a Monday interview on MSNBC, Walsh said, “I wouldn’t call myself a racist, but… I’ve said racist things on Twitter. There’s no doubt about it. And an apology is not enough.”

Walsh, who became a radio talk show host months after his single term on Capitol Hill ended in 2013, said he wouldn’t run “if I just had a problem with a policy or two of this president.” Rather, he thinks, the incumbent is “completely unfit to be president.”

He doesn’t believe, however, that the administration is devoid of accomplishments. Walsh praised Trump’s judicial picks as well as “some good deregulation” and “pro-Israel stuff [like] moving the embassy to Jerusalem” as well as “his firm stance against Iran.”

But the radio show host balanced this against other concerns about Trump’s policies. “[Trump] doesn’t give a damn about the debt,” said the Republican hopeful, who also condemned the incumbent for “screwing things up at the border and not building a foot of a new wall.”

Speaking to JI, Walsh indicated he has shifted to a more moderate approach on the issue of climate change. Although he had been skeptical in the past, calling climate change “the media’s religion” in a 2017 tweet, the presidential hopeful said Tuesday: “It’s an issue that the Republican Party needs to more actively embrace, be open to and have dialogue on.”

However, Walsh insisted, “I’m still a Tea Party guy. I believe in limited government, free trade and free markets.” The former congressman argued that the Republican Party “has abandoned all those issues. [It] no longer stands for limited government, no longer stands for the rule of law and no longer stands for free trade.”

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Who Values a Free and Independent Press? Apparently Not Trump…

It has long been recognized that Fox News is the home of Trump supporters. Fox is the place pro Trump folks go to get their pro Trump taking points. It makes little to no difference that much of the networks pro Trump spin is of questionable veracity.

But it seems trouble is brewing in the heretofore cozy relationship between Fox and Trump. Apparently the “Chosen One” is troubled because he perceives Fox as not “working for him” as much as he would like/demands. So much for presidential recognition that fr democracy to survive requires an independent and free press. Trump, being the narcissistic demagogue that he is has little use for a free and independent press. What Trump desires, and needs, is a well oiled compliant propaganda machine working for him 24/7.

This developing potential breakup between Trump and the Fox  Network may turn out to be great news if it results in declining support of Trump by the Network and among Fox regular viewers. Support Trump MUST have f he has a hope of winning reelection.

Even as Trump was tweeting his not-so-veiled demand for more obsequious coverage, USA Today and Suffolk University released a poll Wednesday that showed the significant overlap between Trump’s base and Fox. To wit:

  • Among those who “strongly approve” of Trump, 60 percent trust Fox News more than any other TV news outlet. Fox also accounts for 36 percent of those who simply “approve” of him.
  • In a 2020 matchup with a generic Democrat and a third-party candidate, Trump earns 54 percent of his support from those who trust Fox the most.
  • Of the 41 percent of people who have a favorable opinion of Trump, more than half of them say Fox is their most trusted news source (52 percent).
  • Among the remaining people who say they like Trump, most didn’t have a favorite news outlet. Just 16 percent of Trump supporters named some other outlet tested — whether CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, C-SPAN, Comedy Central or PBS/NPR. In other words, among people who seem to rely on TV news for their information enough to have a favorite, Fox-first viewers account for 4 out of every 5 Trump supporters.

There’s some guesswork involved here. Just because people trust Fox the most doesn’t mean they necessarily get lots of news from it. And just because they don’t have a favorite doesn’t mean they don’t watch TV news. But generally speaking, it’s clear Fox is the go-to for a huge portion of cable viewers who form Trump’s base.

He’re hoping Trump has grossly miscalculated and has indeed shot himself in his fat foot.

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