An Honest Examination Of Trump…

Approximately 36% of American voters have an almost cult like connection to Donald J. Trump. For them his many character flaws, his narcissism, his aversion to truth telling, his seeming support for white nationalists, his new found interest in the Evangelical Christian right’s agenda, his obvious disregard for diplomatic protocols, his demeaning rhetoric aimed at people of color, his complete disinterest in controlling the national debt or annual budget deficits, and the list goes on.

Many on the right whine that those who don’t support Trump (with all his character flaws  to tow) hate him. Well, I can speak only for myself but I don’t hate Trump. And I suspect most do not actually hate Trump. However, the majority of Americans do have problems with his performance as president as well as his myriad character flaws. In a nutshell Trump s simply, and sadly, neither presidential nor effective in his role as Chief Executive of our Democratic Republic.

Our president, aside from managing national affairs, ought to be a leader that exemplifies ethical and moral behavior. Trump, though his statements and actions, has demonstrably failed in this dimension of his job. True principles and character matter. Unfortunately DJT apparently either fails to understand this or just doesn’t care a wit about such things. America is undoubtedly the worse for it.

I will give Trump some kudos for the robust economic picture so far during his first term.  But, as we all know the economy has been faltering on the heels of the trade war Trump started with China. We’re going to need to wait to see the ultimate fallout but it likely will create a degree of pain fr American consumers. The only question is, how much.

2020 gives American’s the opportunity to right a badly listing ship of state. Wise Americans will listen closely to the rhetoric of ALL candidates, examine each candidates record in whatever capacities they have filled, and then make an informed decision. A decision based on whom they feel is the most qualified and demonstrates the character attributes they find presidential. Our president should represent the BEST of America, not the worst.

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