America’s Rouge “president”…

Donald J Trump, America’s rouge president. A man without integrity or common decency. A man who openly and wantonly thumbs his nose at the Constitution as well as the good people of the country he was “elected” to lead. A man child who conducts himself as a mature adult would expect a 3’rd grader with serious emotional issues to act. A “leader” who wants to be Monarch over America.

And he is supported by a party without a conscience and a delusional minority that apparently hasn’t a clue what our founding principles are. Or, they simply do mpt cvare because maybe they actually want a Monarch that rules by Divine Right.

“The saga continues and it is not good.

Now the Vice President of the United States has become embroiled in the ongoing controversy around President Trump’s open and notorious abuse of the Emoluments Clause. Mike Pence’s staff finds themselves in hot water over first admitting that the President encouraged him to stay at the Ireland property, and then saying that he did not. Add too, military planes which reportedly diverted to Trump’s Scotland property to refuel.

Imagine a sitting U.S. diplomat, military officer or anyone employed by the federal government abroad openly making a case on worldwide TV that their family’s vacation property should be the next site of one of the world’s great leadership gatherings. Imagine further the duly elected president of the United States making such a case.

Of course, Trump did exactly that last month at the G-7 Summit in France, ending his departing remarks with a shameless plug for his Doral, Fla. resort as the perfect location for the 2020 summit. In doing so, the president neglected to mention that such a hosting at his property would be a direct violation of Article I, sections 6 and 9 and Article II section 1 of the U.S. Constitution — the “emoluments clause” (or, in truth, “clauses”).

The Article I clause was put in place to both protect and prohibit the Congress and the president from abuses of power, of being subject to the influence of money, and to be free of undue foreign government influences.

 Trump has been sued three times in federal court for alleged emoluments violations. Two were dismissed this year, including one in the DC Circuit thrown out by a federal judge panel. After France, the attorneys general of Maryland and DC refiled their lawsuit.

This appeal should be successful — courts cannot continue to rely on a “standing” argument to defeat the claims. Why? Because if the president is allowed to use his own properties in DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Florida or otherwise for official government business, he is in fact violating the clause. Wantonly and willfully.

Congressional Democrats filed a similar lawsuit this past spring alleging that the president has used his private business to violate the Constitution’s ban on gifts or payments from foreign governments. Like the suit above, their case was strengthened by the President’s statements at the G-7 summit.

What Trump has been doing and what he suggested in France is also in direct violation of Article II’s Domestic ((a.k.a. “Presidential”) Emoluments Clause (art. II, § 1, cl. 7): “The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation which shall neither be encreased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.”

The bottom line: Unlike most presidents, Trump refuses to share his federal tax returns, and thus, no one can see where his income come from, how much it is, and where it is invested. Further, he has not recused himself or his children from their vast Trump empire holdings. And he has spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars at Trump Resort properties. The Secret Service has had the most difficult time managing this sensitive “emoluments” issue, as they must both protect the president and house their agents at his resort, or wherever the president stays.”

America Beware. This rouge “president” must be defeated by double digits in 2020.

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Trump Says US Economy Never Stronger: ‘People Who Had One Job Now Have Two

Donald Trump has rejected claims the country’s economy is faltering, saying many Americans now enjoy twice as many jobs as they had under Obama.

Trump used a rally in Ohio yesterday to tell supporters the economy was stronger than ever and that he had never seen so many jobs.

“You wouldn’t believe how many jobs people have these days. So many jobs. I said I would bring back jobs to America and now people are telling me they’ve never had so many jobs in their life. It’s incredible, believe me”.

Mr Trump said he regularly met people who had increased their number of jobs by 200% since he became President.

“Just the other day I met a guy who works at Walmart during the day, as a cleaner at night and an Uber driver on weekends. In the past he would’ve just had one job. Thank you Mr President”.