When Party Is More Important Than Country… You’re a Republican

“Many of you are worried that we have written you guys off — that California doesn’t matter,’’ he acknowledged. But, recognizing it as hardly “a swing state,’’ Parscale still pointed to California — a bastion of fundraising, voter contact operations and volunteer firepower — as a lynchpin in “the fight for the future of this country,’’ he said, predicting that “the Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades.”

Above excerpted from POLITICO. If Trumpism lasts for decades one can only imagine the damage that lies ahead for our ONCE great nation.

As Anthony Scaramucci stated Trump is in a full scale meltdown. Anyone who has been watching Trump’s behavior dispassionately cannot help but pick up on his erratic and childishly immature behavior.

The LAST thing this nation wants or needs is “decades” of Trumpism. As much as Trump wants to be  Monarch of  the United States America our Constitution denies him this desire. America’s MAJORITY does not want decades of Trump or Trumpism. For this reason America MUST nip the cancer that is Trump and Trumpism in the 2020 election cycle.

If we fail to remove the growing authoritarian and dictatorial progression of Trump and his GOP America will have willingly given up the promise and potential handed us by our Founding Fathers.

Vote the GOP bastards out en masse 2020!