Three Cheers For The 145…!!!

“Doing nothing about America’s gun violence crisis is simply unacceptable and it is time to stand with the American public on gun safety,” the heads of 145 companies, including Levi Strauss, Twitter and Uber, say in the letter, which was shared with The New York Times.



It is Long past time for Congress to act in the interests of the American people. It is clear that Americans now strongly support a more comprehensive as well as a more aggressive firearm control position (see below). Given the House, the Senate, and the Chief Executive ALL work for the American people, NOT the criminal NRA, it’s about time they listen to, and take strong action to implement policy that supports the interests of the public that elects them.

The NRA should NOT have as much clout with lawmakers as the American people as a whole. The organization is certainly entitled to voice their opinions,  but, when it comes to policy the MAJORITY of the American people must override the NARROW interests of partisan group that works to advance the interests of the firearms industry.

GOP and Trump… Do your jobs. Act on behalf of American society at large. NOT for SPECIAL INTERESTS with an agenda.

We are hopeful that views of 145 major American businesses will have an impact on the tone deaf GOP and the President.


Link to The New York Times article.

Link to PBS News Hour article.

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Les Carpenter

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Corrective Exercise Specialist working with those over 50 years of age. Currently work at Prime Fitness located in The Enfield Senior Center, Enfield CT. Semi retired and enjoying life in the semi fast lane with my lovely bride and super grandchildren!

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