Trump Now Feeling At Home In His “Presidential” Skin…

Or, the “President” who knows everything.

The China trade war, talks with the Taliban, the response to Iran after Saudi attacks, gun control, new tax legislation and a long list of other policy issues are up in the air and awaiting decisions from President Donald Trump — and him alone — heading into the 2020 election season.

In many ways, it’s the presidency Trump has always wanted.

He’s at the center of the action. He’s fully in command. And he’s keeping world leaders on edge and unsure of his next moves, all without being hemmed in by aides or the traditional strictures of a White House.

After four national security advisers, three chiefs of staff, three directors of oval office operations and five communications directors, the president is now finding the White House finally functions in a way that fits his personality. Trump doubters have largely been ousted, leaving supporters to cheer him on and execute his directives with fewer constraints than ever before.

“It is a government of one in the same way in which the Trump Organization was a company of one,” said a former senior administration official. (emphasis mine)

No intelligent leader desires a staff of  yes men/women (ventriloquists), except Trump.

Trump is not considered intelligent (he has zero emotional intelligence) or a good leader. Except for his cultists (which make up approximately 38% of the people) who apparently like chaos and uncertainty

“In the first year in office, President Trump was new to the job. He was more susceptible to advisers and advice. There were more people urging caution or trying to get him to adhere to processes,” the former senior official added. “Now, there are very few people in the White House who view that as their role, or as something they want to try to do, or who even have a relationship with him.”

This Presidency of One is now heading into an election year supported by campaign staffers and White House aides who are quick say Trump is the best political strategist as well as the most effective messenger (emphasis mine), and they intend to follow his lead wherever 2020 goes.

We have a “president” who increasingly is listening to his own counsel. Because of Trump’s extreme narcissism he demands those around him be of the same mind and show him unflinching loyalty and support at ALL times in ALL places. What Trump needs is to exist in an echo chamber and that is precisely what he has successfully created in his administration. This is NOT good for our country, or the world at large. The majority of our electorate knows this, but knowing it in and of itself is not good enough. We must take that knowledge and put it to work in any and every way we possibly can to insure the defeat of this HUGE STINKING blight on our democratic republic.
“It’s very easy, actually, to work with me. You know why it’s easy? Because I make all the decisions. They don’t have to work,” Trump told reporters last Friday as he explained why being his national security adviser, in his mind, is now a low-key post. Trump fired his third such adviser, John Bolton, last week, and he named a new national security adviser on Wednesday morning by tweet.
There is the clincher, in Trump’s own words. He really believes he is the brightest, the greatest, and the most effective. Trump reminds me of an executive that worked in the same company I worked for. He was a smart guy but he suffered from the same affliction Trump does. He, like Trump didn’t need anybody else’s ideas because he all he needed was his own. He was not bashful of saying,  I don’t need anyone’s ideas, I have plenty of my own. What I need are people to implement MY ideas.
When you don’t involve other smart people in discussions and encourage them to freely give of their ideas and expertise you cut off many valuable resources. Lively exchanges of ideas creates a synergy that more often than not leads to better decisions than if just one person is involved.
A wise leader will not make themselves an island unto themselves.
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