History Will Remember Trump and His Administration As One Of the Worst In America’s History…

The unvarnished truth about Trump and his toadies.

There’s been a lot of failure in American politics these last four years, but has there been any more miserable and embarrassing than the alleged and, we now know, probably mythical “Resistance Inside The Trump Administration“?

Do you remember that? On Sept. 5, 2018 — barely a year ago, although it feels now like six or seven — a ranking member of the Trump administration published a remarkable, anonymous op-ed in the New York Times in which the author meant to assure the rest of America that — despite the downward-spiraling lunacy that we witness every day on our TV screen or in our Twitter feed — we should fear not because “many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

Some 389 endless days later, we still don’t know who the writer is, but there’s one thing we can say with utter confidence. He or she is a coward. So, too, are literally dozens of other so-called public servants — many obscure, but some with the nation’s highest medals of valor pinned near their feckless, quivering hearts — who went to work each morning and watched an American president shred the Constitution and betray our fundamental values and yet chose to say nothing.

It took the great courage of one person — and two-thirds of an out-of-control president’s disastrous term in office — to show us how deeply the stench of fear otherwise permeated 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That one whistle-blower — maybe a CIA agent, but definitely an individual who did not check his or her moral compass at the White House front gate — has revealed Trump’s abuse of power, potential lawbreaking and casual willingness to solicit, and arguably extort, foreign election interference in his dealings with Ukraine. These revelations have brought Trump to the brink of impeachment and could topple the tottering Jenga of corruption that has been his administration.

Literally from Day One of Trump’s presidency, the millions of Americans worried about a president who seemed not just totally unprepared but often unmoored from reality were told that “the adults in the room” — a platoon of “the generals” as-seen-on-Trump’s-TV and some veteran political hands (Reince Priebus? … anyone still remember that guy?) — were there to make sure the 45th president didn’t wake up one morning and order a nuclear attack on Barbados or some such thing.

Indeed, these bastions of a serious and supposedly incorruptible permanent political establishment made sure they leaked to the permanent media establishment in D.C. that their steady hands were on the actual tiller even as Trump wildly spun his reportedly fake steering wheel on Twitter. Three of them — the ex-general Defense Secretary James Mattis, oilman Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Wall-Streeter-turned-Treasury-Secretary Stephen Mnuchin — even put it out there (on background, of course) that their work in protecting America from their boss was so vital they had a sort-of-secret “suicide pact” to all quit if one of them was forced out.

So, if true, it is perfectly reasonable to ask, what in hell happened then?  Obviously like almost everything in Trump’s orbit it was just bullsh*t .

The fact that Mnuchin — perhaps still intoxicated from inhaling those rolls of freshly printed money — is still on the job long after Mattis and John Kelly are gone — and in fact covering upon the president’s income taxes — is one of your “tells” that the entire notion of adults in the room with Trump was a fairy tale comprised of unadulterated baloney. They said absolutely nothing for 32 months while the president of the United States played footsie with the world’s worst dictators — especially the one who gleefully interfered in the last presidential election — and with America’s white supremacists, and took active, improper, and possibly illegal actions to cover up his tracks. The adults acted like chickens.

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Les Carpenter

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