While Rational Nation USA is  most closely aligned with classical liberal pihilosophy we frown on labels. Few individuals hold views that are pure one philosophy or another. Most folks have views that are a mixture of liberal, conservative, libertarian, and socialist views. Whether they consciously recognize this or not.

Here at Rational Nation USA we like spirited debate of the issues. Debate that is respectful of all views and without invective. Comments containing such rhetoric is subject to immediate deletion without comment.

We believe in limited government and a true free market economy, which is to say a rationally regulated market. Unregulated markets ultimately result in predatory capitalism, limit completion, and ultimately monopoly.

We believe everyone is an individual and therefore advocate for individualism, albeit one that recognizes that no one is an island unto themselves. Even the most fiercely proud individual must recognize the need for compromise is they are to live successfully and happily in society.

On the lighter side, your weblog host loves music, dancing, weight training, eating and drinking. Quiet times with my lovely and supportive wife who has given me everything I could have ever hoped for and so more. Also my favorite times are spent with our grandchildren who now number 4.

We hope you find our site enjoyable as well as informative. Feel free to visit our contact page and leave us a comment on our site if you feel so inclined. We promise to get back to you ASAP!

Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA