In Light Of Another Act Of Domestic Terrorism The Wingnut Right Points Fingers And Casts Blame…

The domestic terrorism yesterday has the right-wing wing nuts falling all over themselves finger-pointing and blaming all liberals and progressives for the horrific violence of yesterday.  Violence that every liberal or progressive we know has denounced and denounced strongly. As one nutjob site put it… too late, your party owns it. Another right-wing notjob site put it this way, “Gun Violence” is a SYMPTOM of GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, MALFEASANCE, POOR JUDGMENT, gross INCO}MPETENCE, and vicious, subversive propaganda spread by the megalomaniacal, INTERNATIONALIST moguls who run the ENEMEDIA –– and by the thoroughly corrupt EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT. 

In the first instance the assertion is that only liberals and progressives are responsible for the domestic terrorism we witnessed again yesterday. In the second the view is that the government is responsible and therefore the hate towards government is justified and so is violence against the government you hate. That’s how we read it anyway.

Rather than coming together and uniting in our shared horror at such violence, work to resolve the problems, and put America first the partisans on the extreme right-wing choose to play the blame game. This they do while they conveniently forget or ignore thisAnd of course these nut jobs naturally pretend this just isn’t so, or put in the words of their leader fake.

As long as folks like these hold sway politically don’t plan on much, if anything, to change.


Another Act Of Senseless Domestic Terrorism…

Today’s act of violence by an unemployed 66-year-old white male that injured 5 people, one, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) lays in critical condition, must stop. Lest America becomes a third world country torn apart by political and racial strife and perpetual violence.

Regardless of party affiliation or political ideology this act of domestic terrorism must be condemned and condemned forcefully. The finger-pointing by extreme partisans MUST STOPWe are Americans first and we all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

No one has the right to engage in violence against those they happen to disagree with or  feel disenfranchised by. We have the right to express our differences of opinions, forcefully. We have no right to aggressive violent action against another person except for an act of justifiable self-defence.

It is time for all sides to unite, stand tall, and arm in arm denounce political violence. It is time to begin the work to overcome the problems our people and this nation faces in the 21st century. It is time to acknowledge compromise is necessary if our representative democracy is to ever work again. And it is time for the leaders that We The People elected to start doing their goddamn jobs.

Our hearts go out to those souls who were injured and we hope Representative Scalise fully recovers from his wounds.