Big Pharma To Pay Handsomely (but not enough) For Its Role In Creating the Opioid Epidemic…

It’s about time big pharma paid a crushing penalty for its role in creating the opioid epidemic. Companies who lie to doctors and the public about the dangers of addiction using their product deserve to go bankrupt. Unfortunately the proposed settlement doesn’t go far enough. The Sacklers out to be made penniless as well as being required to admit guilt as a punishment for their crimes against humanity.

Purdue Pharma, manufacturer of blockbuster painkiller OxyContin, reached a tentative settlement Wednesday with 23 states and more than 2,000 cities and counties that sued the company over its role in the opioid crisis, according to attorneys involved in the deal.

The executive committee of lawyers representing cities, counties and other groups in a federal lawsuit against Purdue and other drug companies is recommending the deal be accepted. But more than half the state attorneys general in the U.S. balked, saying they planned to continue pursuing the company and its owners, the Sackler family.

Under terms of a plan negotiated for months, the Sacklers would relinquish control of Stamford, Conn.-based Purdue Pharma and admit no wrongdoing. The company would declare bankruptcy and be resurrected as a trust whose main purpose would be producing medications to combat the opioid epidemic.

There is a medication that can in many instances effectively can replace opioids. A naturally growing flower that can effectively treat pain, post traumatic stress syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, GERD, and a host of other ailments.

The United States government for a period of 90 years created a false meme that cannabis has no medicinal value and then used it as bludgeon in its barbaric and failed “War on Drugs”. In the process damaging, often irrevocably, the live of thousands if not millions of otherwise law abiding citizens. Most noticeably the minority populations in America.

I know you can’t sue the federal government but perhaps the United States Government should be sued in court and made to pay for its role in helping to create the opioid epidemic while it attempted to control its subjects use of a MUCH safer product that effectively relives pain.

I know the above to be true. I have had a medical marijuana card for just over a year, and frankly ii gave me the opportunity to improve my quality of life immeasurably!  But I digress.

If the deal becomes final, it would be the first comprehensive settlement in the broad effort to hold drug companies accountable for their role in the opioid epidemic. To date, Purdue has also settled with one state, Oklahoma, for $270 million, and won a victory when a North Dakota judge threw out that state’s case against the company.

The deal also would mark the demise of Purdue as a private company widely blamed for its role in driving the prescription opioid epidemic in the late 1990s and the first years of this century. In 2007, Purdue and three of its executives pleaded guilty to criminal charges of misleading doctors and the public about the safety of OxyContin and paid a $635 million fine.

The prescription drug epidemic has taken more than 200,000 lives via overdoses since 1999, according to federal statistics. An additional 200,000 deaths are blamed on overdoses from heroin and illegal fentanyl smuggled into the country from China and Mexico.

I note here that there is no record of even ONE person dying as a result of cannabis use.  Not one.

On Wednesday, the divide over the settlement broke down largely along party lines, with most Republican state attorneys general in favor of it and Democrats largely opposed. The states openly opposing the deal — including California, Connecticut, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania — could take their objections to bankruptcy court and tie up the proceedings for years, some experts said.

“These people are among the most responsible for the trail of death and destruction the opioid epidemic has left in its wake,” said North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, who plans to sue the Sacklers personally.

“This apparent settlement is a slap in the face to everyone who has had to bury a loved one due to this family’s destruction and greed,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “It allows the Sackler family to walk away billionaires and admit no wrongdoing.”

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More Lies From Trump and the Republican Party……

The Republican party, and Trumpian “conservatives, love to babble the fictitious meme that millions of illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants) are voting in our elections, thus corrupting the results.

In reality it is Republicans and Trumpian “conservatives” that are attempting to rig the system with advantage clearly going to white Republicans  at the expense of Democrats and non white voters.

Just weeks before the Supreme Court is expected to rule on whether the Trump administration can add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, new evidence emerged Thursday suggesting the question was crafted specifically to give an electoral advantage to Republicans and whites.

The evidence was found in the files of the prominent Republican redistricting strategist Thomas Hofeller after his death in August. It reveals that Hofeller “played a significant role in orchestrating the addition of the citizenship question to the 2020 Decennial Census in order to create a structural electoral advantage for, in his own words, ‘Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites,’ ” plaintiffs’ lawyers challenging the question wrote in a letter Thursday morning to U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman, one of three federal judges who ruled against the question this year. The lawyers also argued that Trump administration officials purposely obscured Hofeller’s role in court proceedings.

The letter drew on new information discovered on hard drives belonging to Hofeller, which were found inadvertently by his estranged daughter. Stephanie Hofeller Lizon then shared them with the organization Common Cause for a gerrymandering lawsuit it is pursuing in North Carolina.

The files show that Hofeller concluded in a 2015 study that adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census “would clearly be a disadvantage to the Democrats” and benefit white Republicans in redistricting. Hofeller then pushed the idea with the Trump administration in 2017, according to the lawyers’ letter to Furman.

The evidence, first reported by the New York Times, contradicts sworn testimony by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s expert adviser A. Mark Neuman and senior Justice Department official John Gore, as well as other testimony by defendants, the letter said.


Trump may very well be the Manmchurian Candidate elected to bring down our democratic republic. Given his atempts to obstruct the Mueller investigation and his cozying up to dictators and tyrants it is ertainly a possibility.

Our Young Adults Are Getting It Right……


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Apparently young folks, even at some conservative Christian universities are not ashamed or afraid to make their position known. Kudos to those who walked out on Mike Pence’s commencement address as well as those who wore  I am Taylor Too buttons.

As Vice President Mike Pence gave the Saturday morning commencement address at Taylor University — a Christian school in Pence’s home state of Indiana — dozens of graduating seniors and faculty walked out in protest.

The small demonstration came after Taylor students and members of the surrounding Upland, Indiana, community started an online petition to bar Pence from giving the address, citing concerns that it could be construed as an endorsement of President Donald Trump’s policies. Many of those who remained at the ceremony but objected to Pence’s presence sported buttons that declared, “I am Taylor Too,” which intended to show that the university houses a multitude of viewpoints in contrast to those held by the administration.

Close to 10,000 people signed the petition, although only a fraction of the roughly 500 graduating students actually ended up walking out of the speech. Still, the demonstration marked a rare instance in which a member of the Trump administration was rebuffed in what many considered to be friendly territory.

“Inviting Vice President Pence to Taylor University and giving him a coveted platform for his political views makes our alumni, faculty, staff and current students complicit in the Trump-Pence Administration’s policies, which we believe are not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear,” the petition read…

The glaring hypocrisy of  rightwing Christians is as inexplicable as it is hypocritical. Character, honesty, integrity, and basic decency matters to individuals with a conscience. Not to Christian Tumpers however.