Trump Wins Another Victory In His Fight Against Truth…


Shepard Smith has left the Fox News building, but his hour will remain staffed by employees from the network’ news division.

Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, Shannon Bream, Martha MacCallum, Bill Hemmer and John Roberts are among the Fox News Channel news anchors who will do a stint in the 3 p.m. hour vacated late last week by Shepard Smith, the veteran anchor whose departure stunned Fox News staffers as well as many media observers. Fox News executives will likely unveil a new, news-focused hour in the timeslot next year with a specific anchor, Jay Wallace, president and executive editor of Fox News Media, told Variety in an interview. Trace Gallagher, a Los Angeles-based correspondent, will kick off a stint at 3 p.m. today, he said.

“This is going to remain a solid news hour, with our best news stars,” Wallace said, adding: “Journalism is a huge part of the mandate here.”

Wallace praised the network’s news-side staff as Smith’s surprise departure, announced Friday, has prompted a heightened buzz of social-media speculation about the place of traditional newsgathering at the Fox Corp. outlet, which attracts one of TV’s most dependable audiences for opinion-based programs such as “Hannity” and “Fox & Friends.” Viewers and critics have noticed a recent tug-of-war between the journalists who fill most of the daytime schedule at Fox News and the opinion hosts who typically hold sway in primetime. Smith had in recent weeks feuded on air with primetime host Tucker Carlson. He said in an on-air grace note delivered at the end of his final program Friday that he had come to the decision on his own.

“It was a tough day for a lot of people here,” acknowledged Wallace, who spent time as Smith’s producer. “The thing about this place, there is a camaraderie, a ‘us against the world’ mentality,” he added. “These are more like familial bonds as opposed to just passing, transactional relationships. That’s why it hit so hard with a lot of people.”

It remains to be seen what will transpire over the days, weeks, and months following Shep’s departure from Fox (Trump) news. Certainly it is hoped that Fox maintains some factual reporting as opposed to pro Trump opinion and spin 24/7.

The fact Attorney General Burp, er Barr, met with Murdock the day before Shepard’s departure is revealing. Everyone knows Trump was no Shepard Smith fan as Shep relayed the news and truth. Both things Trump despises whenever the news and the truth place him in an unflattering light. Which for the honest informed observer is the lion’s share of the time.


Trump Impeachment Outcome Possibilities…

Possible impeachment scenarios in abbreviated and bullet format. Article excerpts taken from Vox.

1) Trump doesn’t get impeached

The House has not yet voted to impeach Trump. The big swing among House moderates was in favor of launching an “impeachment inquiry” not of impeaching Trump per se.

2) Trump could be forced to resign

Richard Nixon is the only president to have been forced from office by scandal rather than death, but he’s not one of the two presidents who’ve been impeached by the US House of Representatives.

Instead, a delegation of Republican members of Congress — including the minority leaders of the House and Senate, plus conservative icon Barry Goldwater — came to the White House and told Nixon his support in Congress had evaporated. The leaders of both the Republican Party as an institution and the conservative movement were looking to safeguard their own long-term interests and not go down with the rapidly sinking Nixon administration. Faced with that reality, Nixon chose to resign.

3) Mitch McConnell could spike the trial

A trial of Donald Trump would take place in a chamber controlled by his GOP allies. If it doesn’t suit their interests to have extended arguments and presentation of evidence, they don’t need to do that. A quick, party-line vote to acquit could be all we get. Given everything we know about Trump-era politics, this seems like one of the most likely scenarios.

4) A rigorous trial leads to a party-line acquittal

One has to assume that if Trump has his Senate caucus solidly behind him, its members will vote to greatly curtail the trial and move forward.

But, in theory, Senate Republicans could decide they want to go through a whole extended trial and then acquit Trump on a party-line vote. If that happens, then legally speaking nothing happens — Trump just stays president. Democrats might fall into infighting, arguing that if the party leadership had taken a different tactical approach (a broad impeachment inquiry rather than a narrowly Ukraine-focused one, for example) the outcome might have been different.

5) Trump is acquitted, despite an anti-Trump majority

Another possibility is that the Ukraine scandal ends up playing out somewhat similarly to the Affordable Care Act repeal where a small number of Republican senators joined forces with Democrats to secure a majority.

You could imagine the GOP’s vulnerable Senate incumbents — Martha McSally (R-AZ), Cory Gardner (R-CO), and Susan Collins (R-ME) — plus occasional Trump critics Sens. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Ben Sasse (R-NE) force a real trial and ultimately produce a majority vote in favor of conviction.

Except the Constitution requires 67 votes — not 51 — to remove a president, so that would count as an acquittal.

6) The GOP splits, and Trump is removed from office

Under this scenario, Trump still holds on to his true base (the roughly half of GOP primary voters who backed him in 2016) but becomes so unpopular with the public that he suffers mass defections from GOP senators leading to his removal from office.

For obvious reasons, it’s difficult to imagine this happening. The Republican establishment didn’t like Trump and doesn’t like everything he does, but he’s fundamentally delivered for them on all their key priorities.

7) Pence is complicit, and he’s removed too

One reason Watergate ended up working out so badly for Nixon is that, sort of by coincidence, his original vice president had been driven from office by an unrelated scandal. Consequently, at the time of maximum peril for Nixon, the VP was Gerald Ford — a well-regarded Republican who genuinely had nothing to do with the Nixon White House or any of its crimes.

By contrast, Pence — like other modern VPs — is himself a senior member of the Trump administration.

8) The Presidential Succession Act might be unconstitutional

Many scholars believe that the speaker (and the president pro temp of the Senate) as a member of Congress is not an “officer” under the meaning of the Constitution. It might be good for the Supreme Court to offer its view on this before it needs to be litigated in the middle of a huge national crisis, but America’s top court does not offer advisory opinions choosing instead to rule only on actual controversies. So we’ll never find out if the court will strike this provision down until it actually happens. But suffice it to say it might, in which case Secretary of State Mike Pompeo becomes president.

9) President Steve Mnuchin

The problem with the President Pompeo scenario is that he’s implicated in the scandal even more clearly than Pence.

He was on the infamous call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. But he feigned ignorance about it and only later admitted he was on the call after press reports exposed him. He used to be all for congressional oversight of the State Department when he was in the House and now says questions about the administration’s conduct toward the European nation amounts to “bullying.” And instead of standing by the ambassador to Ukraine, he let the president recall her seemingly for personal reasons.

If by some remarkable turn of fortune, Congress decides it needs to purge everyone involved with the scandal then it’s going to need to remove Mike Pompeo.

For the detailed article by Matthew Yglesias continue on BELOW the FOLD.

Trump’s Obvious Corruption In Full Bloom…

Of course the Trump administration is claiming the Whistle-blower story that hit the news ablaze yesterday is all politically motivated. Something being ginned up by democrats.

Here’s what we know so far…

Appearing last night on CNN, Rudy Giuliani created a furor by openly confessing that he had pressured Ukraine’s government to investigate Joe Biden. The apparent revelation was enhanced by Giuliani initially denying the charge before conceding it. Asked by Chris Cuomo, “Did you ask the Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden?” Giuliani replied, “No, actually, I didn’t,” before going on to explain how he did exactly that, prompting this exchange:

Cuomo: “So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden?”

Giuliani: “Of course I did.”

But Rudy, in fact, confessed this months ago. Indeed, the whole plot has been sitting in plain sight, a gigantic scandal that has confounded the media and the opposition in part through its very nakedness.

In recent days, a seemingly new scandal materialized: reports of an intelligence whistle-blower encountering disturbing conduct by President Trump, and having his complaint quashed in apparent violation of the law. The complaint turns out to be related to the Ukraine scandal, which has been sitting in plain sight. The Wall Street Journal reports that, in a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump repeatedly pressured his counterpart to work with Giuliani on an investigation of Biden. We are learning more details of a story whose broader contours have been clear more months.

We have known since last spring that Trump, working through Giuliani, is pressuring Ukraine to supply dirt on Joe Biden. The alleged misconduct by Biden concerns his work as vice-president under the Obama administration. The allegation is that Biden supposedly tried to sack a Ukrainian prosecutor who was propbing his son’s business in the country. The allegation against Biden is totally baseless. In fact, as Bloomberg News discovered, the prosecution was finished before Biden took a stance, the prosecutor was widely considered corrupt, his sacking was consistent with the administration’s pro-democracy agenda, and the Obama administration supported the investigation into Hunter Biden anyway.


Meanwhile, conservatives have quickly begun repeating Trump’s message on the matter. First, he insists the whistle-blower is “highly partisan.” He does not explain how he learned the identity of this alleged partisan, nor why his complaint was judged to be a “serious or flagrant problem, abuse or violation of the law” by the inspector general that Trump himself appointed. The logic of Trumpland holds that Trump is the party. Ergo, anybody who criticized Trump, however sterling their Republican credentials, is by definition partisan.

As if to test the devotion of his followers, Trump has proceeded to insist on both the innocuousness of his conversation and the need for its secrecy.


His devotees are rewarding their faith. Angelo Codevilla, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, dutifully asserts that whatever it was Trump said was “classified information that neither the press nor the public has seen, will not see, and that concerns an activity that, in itself, is perfectly proper and indeed constitutes the president doing his job.” We don’t know what Trump said — and, Trump willing, we never shall — but we know that it was proper and good.

The extraordinary corruption of Trump’s posture toward Ukraine was already public knowledge. All that remains is to locate the bottom.

Yup, nothing to see here. Just ask Trump…


DJT Forever Proving His Ineptitude In Office…

Not a day goes by but what Trump hasn’t some controversy surrounding himself of his administration. He is truly a study in human absurdity and narcissism at their very worst.

Donald Trump has once again engulfed himself in yet another completely avoidable controversy by inviting and then disinviting the Taliban for peace talks at Camp David during the week of the 9/11 anniversary. The covertly planned talks were abandoned after another Taliban terror attack inside Afghanistan left numerous people dead, including one American soldier.

Regardless of what one thinks of the idea of cutting a deal with the Taliban—the radical theofascistic gang which aided, abetted, and sheltered Al-Qaeda in the leadup to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon—there is no excuse for inviting its leaders to the United States during the week of 9/11. By simply holding the talks a week sooner or later, and perhaps in a third-party nation to avoid further unnecessary international legitimization of the brutal Islamist regime, the White House could have easily avoided the majority of the criticisms currently raining down on it.

The fact that the Trump administration would plan the talks so callously is a slap in the face to all those who lost loved ones in New York City on that horrific September morning. It represents a complete lack of empathy on the part of the president, perhaps not surprising coming from a man who boasted on 9/11 that the collapse of the WTC meant he now owned the tallest building in Manhattan.

Outrage has understandably been growing in reaction to the president’s aborted Taliban plans, and now he’s lashing out at the coverage. Trump took to Twitter to slam the “Fake News” for reporting that he overruled senior members of his administration and pushed for the Camp David meeting.

“This Story is False!” Trump said, which is usually what he says when a story about him is absolutely true but unflattering. He accused the “Dishonest Media” of cultivating the appearance of a White House in turmoil. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention the past few years knows that it’s far more than simply an appearance. This administration is, at all times, a spiraling chaotic mess.

The president went on to say that the media as a whole is “an arm of the Democrat Party,” a truly pathetic accusation coming from a man who whines when Fox News, little more than state propaganda at this point, runs a story that’s anything less than utterly obsequious towards him.

More BELOW the FOLD.

When Party Is More Important Than Country… You’re a Republican

“Many of you are worried that we have written you guys off — that California doesn’t matter,’’ he acknowledged. But, recognizing it as hardly “a swing state,’’ Parscale still pointed to California — a bastion of fundraising, voter contact operations and volunteer firepower — as a lynchpin in “the fight for the future of this country,’’ he said, predicting that “the Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades.”

Above excerpted from POLITICO. If Trumpism lasts for decades one can only imagine the damage that lies ahead for our ONCE great nation.

As Anthony Scaramucci stated Trump is in a full scale meltdown. Anyone who has been watching Trump’s behavior dispassionately cannot help but pick up on his erratic and childishly immature behavior.

The LAST thing this nation wants or needs is “decades” of Trumpism. As much as Trump wants to be  Monarch of  the United States America our Constitution denies him this desire. America’s MAJORITY does not want decades of Trump or Trumpism. For this reason America MUST nip the cancer that is Trump and Trumpism in the 2020 election cycle.

If we fail to remove the growing authoritarian and dictatorial progression of Trump and his GOP America will have willingly given up the promise and potential handed us by our Founding Fathers.

Vote the GOP bastards out en masse 2020!