McConnell Is No Better Than Trump……

Mitch McConnell
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the attention on the president’s comments on foreign election helps distract from the legislative agenda at hand. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Trump is fine with accepting dirt (information) from foreign sources if it serves to help reelect him in 2020. We should not be at all surprised as we know (from his own words) that Trump encouraged Russia to “find Hillary Clinton’s lost emails” on worldwide television during the 2016 campaign.

And now we have the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-S.C.) acting like Trump’s expressed willingness to accept foreign (help) intervention into our national elections is no big deal. He poo poos it all as merely a distraction from addressing legislative agendas.

Of course side kick Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) took the milquetoast toast position that taking help from foreign agents is “probably not a good idea”. Senator  John Cornyn (R-Texas) in another toothless statement that  “I’d rather just have Americans participate in American elections.”

The republican leadership (and by extension the republican rank and file) by not forcefully calling out their president and supporting legislation aimed at insuring anyone accepting help and intervention from a foreign agent would be prosecuted and imprisoned is derelict in their obligation to the American people.

This is where we’re at folks. Since the election cycle that resulted in the unfortunate election of DJT our nation has have been exposed to a continuing  barrage of seemingly never ending lies and acts of deceit by Trump. Only those who have chosen to willfully ignore the truth continue to support the most corrupt and inept president of the modern era.

Trump has repeatedly refereed to the news media as “the enemy of the people”. This is of course a lie. In fact Trump is the REAL enemy of the people. Followed by McConnell and Graham et all.


Now for the truth regarding accepting “dirt” from foreign agents.

Reacting to President Trump saying he would accept foreign intel on a political opponent if offered, and that he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to contact the FBI, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Thursday said he worries the president is “prepared to commit a felony.”

Napolitano was asked by Fox News anchor Shep Smith if there was any “gray area” or “wiggle room” when it comes to campaigns legally receiving “dirt from a foreign entity on a political opponent.”

“There’s no wiggle room with respect to dirt,” the judge responded. “With respect to opposition research. The Federal Election Commission decided in other cases that that is a thing of value.”

This prompted Smith to wonder if what the president described he was willing to do during his interview with ABC News constituted a felony.

“Correct,” Napolitano confidently declared. “Meaning he would be committing a felony and the person giving it to him, if the person was here, would be committing a felony as well.”

After pondering what kind of message Trump is sending to foreign leaders around the world who want to curry his favor, Napolitano argued that regardless of the president’s belief that freedom of speech protects him, the law strictly prohibits him from soliciting foreign assistance in an election.

“If he is a candidate, then what he receives is regulated by federal laws that he took an oath to uphold,” the Fox analyst explained. “Among them are you cannot take something, accept something, receive something from a foreign national under the guise of being the head of state or because you want to use it for your campaign.”

Smith went on to report that Senate Democrats are now working on legislation that would make it a requirement of the law that candidates report such contacts with the FBI.

“The president of the United States of America is prepared to commit a felony to get re-elected,” Napolitano concluded. “That was my reaction and it was not a happy one…


Apparently Some Are Above The Law……

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. government watchdog agency on Thursday recommended Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump, be fired for repeatedly violating U.S. law with political comments while serving in the White House.

The White House immediately rejected the special counsel office’s ruling and demanded that it withdraw the report.

A statement from the Office of Special Counsel cited Conway’s comments in television interviews and social media posts as violations of the Hatch Act, a 1939 law prohibiting executive branch employees from engaging in some political activities. The president, vice president and certain other senior officials are exempted.

The OSC referred to disparaging comments Conway made about Democratic presidential candidates.

“Given that Ms. Conway is a repeat offender and has shown disregard for the law, OSC recommends that she be removed from federal service,” the statement said.

Conway, 52, served as Trump’s campaign manager in 2016, becoming the first woman to head a winning presidential campaign, and is one of his most loyal aides and fiercest defenders.

She currently is leading White House efforts on reducing deaths by opioids and Trump likely would be loathe to have her leave the White House right when he is cranking up his re-election campaign.


Once again we see the Trump Administration thumbing its nose at the rule of law. Is there no shame anymore in conservatives and republicans?


Tucker Carlson Likes Elizabeth Warren’s New “Economic Patriotism”……

An analysis worth considering. Whether it be the democrat or republican party  there is  much the leadership should consider and much they both could learn.

Tucker Carlson wants you to know that Elizabeth Warren is a “race hustling, gun-grabbing, abortion extremist” — and, also, a better friend to the American worker than anyone in the Republican Party.

Carlson has been positioning himself as the (oddly red) face of intellectually coherent Trumpism for a while now. Like other Fox hosts, Carlson rails against the traditional adversaries of “Real America,” from “dirty” immigrants to Islam to gypsies to the government of Mexico. But like Trump in the early days of his primary campaign, Carlson also warns his audience of an enemy within: Baby-killing feminists may be undermining the nuclear family, but so too are the GOP’s own worshippers of Mammon, who sacrificed the working-class male breadwinner on the altar of globalization. Carlson’s avowed antipathy for “free market” economics recently led him to express grudging respect for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed crackdown on usurious payday lenders. And after Elizabeth Warren released a downright Trumpish proposal for a new “economic patriotism” Tuesday, Tucker couldn’t help but give that race-baiting feminazi her due:


As U.S. politics has grown more polarized around an urban-rural divide, the GOP’s structural advantage in partisan competition has swelled. The average U.S. state is now roughly 6 percentage points more Republican than the nation as a whole. As of 2017, the same was true of the average House district. If the GOP’s top priority were maximizing its vote share (rather than maximizing Charles Koch’s after-tax income), this tilted playing field would enable the party to utterly dominate the U.S. political system. Instead, Republicans’ structural advantage has enabled them to pursue a heinously unpopular economic agenda, while remaining a more than competitive major party.

Which is to say: From a certain angle, the Koch network’s donations to Republicans have been a gift to Democrats. Absent the GOP’s fanatical commitment to upward redistribution, there (almost certainly) wouldn’t be a Democrat in Kansas’s governors’ mansion. And without Paul Ryan’s crusade to turn chemotherapy into a luxury good, Nancy Pelosi’s caucus would almost certainly be smaller than it is


Combined economic liberalism and moderate social conservatism just might be the winning-est of political strategies in the good ole USA.

Lets Save Our Democratic Republic……

Found the video below on Progressive Eruptions this morning. A two plus minute video of republicans that have worked in previous republican administrations. They all, after reading the Mueller report,  believe that there the Mueller report makes a powerful case  that Trump indeed obstructed justice.

We are posting the short article written by Progressive Eruptions as well.

Republicans for the Rule of Law

Here are several Republicans who love America more than a politician who is currently disgracing the Oval Office.
Listen to these men who’ve served under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. They are serious, patriotic Americans who have read the Mueller Report and clearly see that Donald J. Trump obstructed justice. 

The American people need to listen to these Republicans and understand that if Trump gets away with his criminal behavior, we will be lost as a democracy.




It is time patriotic Americans of all political leanings to stand up and DEMAND that congress do its job!

Trump, The Conflicted Dotard……


Image result for Caricature of dotard president


Trump, in criticizing special counsel Mueller following his media statement yesterday , said Mueller was “conflicted”. However, our “president”  followed up with some conflicting statements of his own.

“Russia, Russia, Russia! That’s all you heard at the beginning of this Witch Hunt Hoax. And now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected. It was a crime that didn’t exist.”

But later Trump told reporters…

“You know who got me elected? I got me elected. Russia didn’t help me at all. Russia, if anything, I think, helped the other side.”

It is no secret that Trump lies. The record is clear on that issue. It is also clear that Mueller is an honest and non-partisan man.

So, given the evidence,  it should be easy for anyone who is capable of reading and comprehending to readily discern who is telling the truth. The majority of Americans get who that is. For the 30-40% of trumpers here is a hint, it ain’t Trump.

Go to the source article for more on Trump’s confusion.