The Voice Of Senator Romney Is So Needed Right Now… Will Other’s Grow the Cajones To Join Him?…

A conservative group accuses him of being a secret Democratic asset. President Donald Trump calls him a pompous ass, and the president’s son says he may be “colluding to bring down our president.” One of his own Senate colleagues asserted that he’s following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s path.


We say that Senator and ex Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney is a man of character. He is speaking truth to power so is it surprising that the Trump GOP is trashing Romney?

Very few lawmakers in the GOP have had the, excuse me, balls to stand up for truth, honor, integrity, and decency when it comes to their standard bearer Donald J. Trump. While the GOP sycophant’s are scurrying about like the pathetic rodents that they are Senator Mitt Romney is using his voice to speak out against the worst and most corrupt presdent this nation as ever had to suffer.

Thank you Senator Romney. History will remember you as a man of truth and honor. While DJT is working tirelessly to bring on the dystopian socoety depicted in Goerge Orwell’s novel 1984, Senator Romney is standing tall for our American ideals and our democratic republic.

Last evening, following the news of acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney’s on air admission that the DJT administration had indeed engaged in quid pro quo and then retracting his admission, I found myself recalling Orwell’s 1984 – I realized how prophetic Orwell actually had been.

It is told that following conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia a lady approached Ben Franklin and asked wat kind of government thy were giving the people. To which he is said to have responded,  a republic is you can keep it.

We ARE, at the crossroads. True patriots are cheering folks like Senator Mitt Romney. If America as we’ve always know it is to survive we need many more people of Senator Romney’s political affiliation to start seeking out against the man bent on DESTROYING everything America was built on and has stood for until 2016.



The King Of Disinformation and Propaganda… DJT

Exacerbating this situation is Trump’s willingness to traffic in rank disinformation and propaganda. For instance, Trump’s ad attacking Biden claims Biden tried to remove a prosecutor targeting his son (a lie) and insisting that Democrats want to impeach him merely because he opposed “corruption” in Ukraine (also a lie).


Trump has been trafficking in lies and deceit since day one of his initial campaign. He is a “man” no informed and responsible individual would ever trust, let alone support.

But this is America. The land where as long as the economy is good, the country is near full employment, and terrorists aren’t flying planes into buildings apparently all is good.

Put a different way the truth is America just doesn’t care if its president is a god damn lying crook as long as the economy is good, the country is near full employment, and terrorists aren’t flying planes into buildings. But I repeat myself.

America, for most of its history has been a nation with values, principles, character, and a conscience. All that has been changing over the past four decades.

It really all started with Ronald Reagan who held that no republican should ever say a bad word about a fellow republican. Or words to that effect. Since then the club pledge (now turned into a cultist pledge) has grown stronger and become almost an unwritten law.

In essence conservative republicans and conservative evangelicals have absolutely NO problem with supporting a thrice married adulterer,  a scum who brags that he can grab pussy  and do anything he wants because he’s rich, a dude who cavorts with porn stars and strippers, a scam artist that bilked millions from people who went to his Trump “University”, an  autocratic leader who demonstrates his love for tyrants across the globe, a shameless idiot who has no problem throwing our allies under the bus (the Kurds), and the list goes on and on.

Present day conservative republicans and conservative evangelicals cheer him on. This land is no longer the America of my grandparents, my parents, or my youth. The America I was proud of and loved has changed. Trump has effectively killed it..

However, Donald J. Trump did not start this. Reagan planted the seed. GOP republicans watered and fed it. It grew strong and hideous… America was ripe for Trump and his sycophant’s and cultists.

America will deserve what it gets if Trump is not removed. This is a painful thing to admit but Americans may very well put him in office again.  If that happens this country will be become a shell of what it once was.

If the above happens who knows, perhaps Trump will declare a national emergency in October 2023 and proclaim himself Supreme Ruler Don’t laugh. He’s already been setting the stage with prior comments he’s made.


When It Comes To Integrity Trump Has None…

There was a time, before Dotard Trump, that America’s word meant something. Allies knew they could depend on us. They knew we had there back. No Longer. Trump has, with his stable genius, ended all that.

President Trump’s surprise acquiescence to a Turkish incursion into northern Syria this week has shaken American allies, and not just because it was a betrayal of a loyal partner. What alarmed them even more was his sheer unpredictability.

His inconsistent and rapidly shifting positions in the Middle East have injected a new element of chaos into an already volatile region and have left allies guessing where the United States stands and for how long.

Previous American policymakers were clear about their intentions, said Mowaffak al-Rubaie, a former Iraqi national security adviser.

“This guy is all emotional,” he said. “It is unpredictable.”

The uncertainties only compound simmering worries about the durability of the American commitment to the Middle East.

American presidents have been promising for almost 15 years to reduce the country’s presence in the region, unnerving partners like Israel and the Persian Gulf monarchs that rely on American protection. But few American leaders have ever made and disclosed major foreign policy decisions with the speed and seeming improvisation that Mr. Trump does.

No longer merely worried that Washington might withdraw, analysts say many allies are now concerned that this unpredictable commander in chief could bolt for an exit without warning.

His decision to get out of the way of the Turkish incursion was apparently made on the spur of the moment during a phone call with the Turkish president, surprising many of Mr. Trump’s advisers. It opened the door to a fierce Turkish assault on the American-backed militia led by the Syrian Kurds, which was key to the ground battle to retake territory captured by the Islamic State. Attacking the Kurds, in turn, risks an Islamic State comeback.

Thanks DJT. Your services are no longer needed. Perhaps the Ukraine or Turkey might want your extraordinary talents. But really, we doubt it.

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Kurds Are Being Executed By the Turks…Their Blood Is On Trump’s Hands…

We are now witnessing first hand the horrors unleased on the Kurds in Northern Syria (our loyal allies in America’s fight against ISIS) by Donald J. Trump with his decision to hand the Kurds fate over to the Turks.

Given the Turks hate the Kurds any moron should have known what was going to happen

Turkish-backed militants fighting in Syria killed at least two Kurdish prisoners on Saturday, one of them lying on the side of the road with his hands bound behind his back, according to a video from the scene and a fighter who said he witnessed the killings.

In the video, two of the fighters fire bullets at close range into the man with his hands tied, apparently to make sure he is dead. The other prisoner appears in the video alive and wearing a military uniform, but he is missing from the militant group’s later social media posts about its captives.

“The guy in the military outfit was neutralized,” said Al-Harith Rabah, a media activist with the rebel group who was at the scene.

The killing of two Kurdish captives by Arab fighters is a powerful illustration of the forces unleashed by President Trump’s decision to pull back American troops shielding the Kurds. The move cleared the way for a Turkish military incursion into northeastern Syria against a Kurdish-led militia formerly backed by the United States — one that had been key in wresting territory from Islamic State.

The episode offers the first indication of the sectarian violence between the region’s Kurds and the Arab rebels supported by Turkey that the decision could unleash. The new hostilities have also displaced tens of thousands more people in northeastern Syria and ignited fears that thousands of ISIS fighters could escape camps and prisons controlled by the Kurdish-led militia.

Good job stable genius.

If only your father had used a condom.

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How Refreshing It Is…

Gordon Sondland, the local businessman turned diplomat, faces more pressure at home as questions mount over his involvement with President Trump’s appeals to Ukraine for help in investigating his political rival.

On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer called for a boycott of hotels owned or operated by Sondland’s Portland-based company, Provenance Hotels. And by Thursday, Oregon Public Broadcasting had reported that the popular local ice cream company Salt & Straw had severed its professional ties with Provenance, a chain of upscale hotels across the country, including six in Portland.

“After much consideration, we have made a decision to end our wholesale business with Provenance Hotels. We are very thoughtful with our relationships and, after seven years, have determined it is best to go in a different direction,” according to a statement released to The Oregonian/Oregon Live.

Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, didn’t show up for a closed-door meeting on Tuesday morning as part of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. His attorney said he was ordered not to attend by State Department officials.

Kudos are in order bigly for Salt & Straw for severing its relationship with Provenance Hotels. It is good to know some businesses operate with principles true to American values ad have the integrity to act accordingly.