DJT Forever Proving His Ineptitude In Office…

Not a day goes by but what Trump hasn’t some controversy surrounding himself of his administration. He is truly a study in human absurdity and narcissism at their very worst.

Donald Trump has once again engulfed himself in yet another completely avoidable controversy by inviting and then disinviting the Taliban for peace talks at Camp David during the week of the 9/11 anniversary. The covertly planned talks were abandoned after another Taliban terror attack inside Afghanistan left numerous people dead, including one American soldier.

Regardless of what one thinks of the idea of cutting a deal with the Taliban—the radical theofascistic gang which aided, abetted, and sheltered Al-Qaeda in the leadup to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon—there is no excuse for inviting its leaders to the United States during the week of 9/11. By simply holding the talks a week sooner or later, and perhaps in a third-party nation to avoid further unnecessary international legitimization of the brutal Islamist regime, the White House could have easily avoided the majority of the criticisms currently raining down on it.

The fact that the Trump administration would plan the talks so callously is a slap in the face to all those who lost loved ones in New York City on that horrific September morning. It represents a complete lack of empathy on the part of the president, perhaps not surprising coming from a man who boasted on 9/11 that the collapse of the WTC meant he now owned the tallest building in Manhattan.

Outrage has understandably been growing in reaction to the president’s aborted Taliban plans, and now he’s lashing out at the coverage. Trump took to Twitter to slam the “Fake News” for reporting that he overruled senior members of his administration and pushed for the Camp David meeting.

“This Story is False!” Trump said, which is usually what he says when a story about him is absolutely true but unflattering. He accused the “Dishonest Media” of cultivating the appearance of a White House in turmoil. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention the past few years knows that it’s far more than simply an appearance. This administration is, at all times, a spiraling chaotic mess.

The president went on to say that the media as a whole is “an arm of the Democrat Party,” a truly pathetic accusation coming from a man who whines when Fox News, little more than state propaganda at this point, runs a story that’s anything less than utterly obsequious towards him.

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The Would Be Monarch…

Be alarmed. Trump, a man who wants to be Monarch, is dead serious about extending his tenure in office. It is a recurring theme of his for a reason. He means it.

President Donald Trump on Monday once again joked about extending his presidency beyond the constitutional confines of eight years, trying out a favorite bit on a new audience: FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

The two were fielding questions from reporters outside of the White House after meeting in part about gender equity in soccer — or how to make women’s soccer “even better and more equitable, etcetera, etcetera,” as Trump put it — when the president jested about extending his term to 2026, the year the FIFA World Cup will take place in North America.

“Gianni, we’re going to have to extend my second term because 2026 — I’m going to have to extend it for a couple of years,” he said.

“I don’t think any of you would have a problem with that,” he continued, apparently addressing the press corps assembled outside of the White House.

The prospect of Trump extending his presidency beyond two terms is a frequent refrain among the president and his boosters.

In May, Trump retweeted Jerry Falwell Jr. when the Evangelical conservative political figure said that the president should have his term extended because of the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference — a “corrupt failed coup,” to use Falwell’s language.

A month earlier, at an event sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project, Trump joked about remaining in office for even longer than that.

“This will find a permanent place, at least for six years, in the Oval Office,” he said about a trophy he received from the charity. “I was going to joke … and say at least for 10 or 14 years, but we would cause bedlam if I said that, so we’ll say six.”

And in 2018, he expressed admiration for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s limitless term.

“I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday,” he said.

Americans who know and respect the Constitution of the USA and the institutions of our Democratic Republic should be quite concerned. We now have an existential threat to the very core of our republic sitting in the Oval Office.

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America’s Rouge “president”…

Donald J Trump, America’s rouge president. A man without integrity or common decency. A man who openly and wantonly thumbs his nose at the Constitution as well as the good people of the country he was “elected” to lead. A man child who conducts himself as a mature adult would expect a 3’rd grader with serious emotional issues to act. A “leader” who wants to be Monarch over America.

And he is supported by a party without a conscience and a delusional minority that apparently hasn’t a clue what our founding principles are. Or, they simply do mpt cvare because maybe they actually want a Monarch that rules by Divine Right.

“The saga continues and it is not good.

Now the Vice President of the United States has become embroiled in the ongoing controversy around President Trump’s open and notorious abuse of the Emoluments Clause. Mike Pence’s staff finds themselves in hot water over first admitting that the President encouraged him to stay at the Ireland property, and then saying that he did not. Add too, military planes which reportedly diverted to Trump’s Scotland property to refuel.

Imagine a sitting U.S. diplomat, military officer or anyone employed by the federal government abroad openly making a case on worldwide TV that their family’s vacation property should be the next site of one of the world’s great leadership gatherings. Imagine further the duly elected president of the United States making such a case.

Of course, Trump did exactly that last month at the G-7 Summit in France, ending his departing remarks with a shameless plug for his Doral, Fla. resort as the perfect location for the 2020 summit. In doing so, the president neglected to mention that such a hosting at his property would be a direct violation of Article I, sections 6 and 9 and Article II section 1 of the U.S. Constitution — the “emoluments clause” (or, in truth, “clauses”).

The Article I clause was put in place to both protect and prohibit the Congress and the president from abuses of power, of being subject to the influence of money, and to be free of undue foreign government influences.

 Trump has been sued three times in federal court for alleged emoluments violations. Two were dismissed this year, including one in the DC Circuit thrown out by a federal judge panel. After France, the attorneys general of Maryland and DC refiled their lawsuit.

This appeal should be successful — courts cannot continue to rely on a “standing” argument to defeat the claims. Why? Because if the president is allowed to use his own properties in DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Florida or otherwise for official government business, he is in fact violating the clause. Wantonly and willfully.

Congressional Democrats filed a similar lawsuit this past spring alleging that the president has used his private business to violate the Constitution’s ban on gifts or payments from foreign governments. Like the suit above, their case was strengthened by the President’s statements at the G-7 summit.

What Trump has been doing and what he suggested in France is also in direct violation of Article II’s Domestic ((a.k.a. “Presidential”) Emoluments Clause (art. II, § 1, cl. 7): “The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation which shall neither be encreased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.”

The bottom line: Unlike most presidents, Trump refuses to share his federal tax returns, and thus, no one can see where his income come from, how much it is, and where it is invested. Further, he has not recused himself or his children from their vast Trump empire holdings. And he has spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars at Trump Resort properties. The Secret Service has had the most difficult time managing this sensitive “emoluments” issue, as they must both protect the president and house their agents at his resort, or wherever the president stays.”

America Beware. This rouge “president” must be defeated by double digits in 2020.

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An Honest Examination Of Trump…

Approximately 36% of American voters have an almost cult like connection to Donald J. Trump. For them his many character flaws, his narcissism, his aversion to truth telling, his seeming support for white nationalists, his new found interest in the Evangelical Christian right’s agenda, his obvious disregard for diplomatic protocols, his demeaning rhetoric aimed at people of color, his complete disinterest in controlling the national debt or annual budget deficits, and the list goes on.

Many on the right whine that those who don’t support Trump (with all his character flaws  to tow) hate him. Well, I can speak only for myself but I don’t hate Trump. And I suspect most do not actually hate Trump. However, the majority of Americans do have problems with his performance as president as well as his myriad character flaws. In a nutshell Trump s simply, and sadly, neither presidential nor effective in his role as Chief Executive of our Democratic Republic.

Our president, aside from managing national affairs, ought to be a leader that exemplifies ethical and moral behavior. Trump, though his statements and actions, has demonstrably failed in this dimension of his job. True principles and character matter. Unfortunately DJT apparently either fails to understand this or just doesn’t care a wit about such things. America is undoubtedly the worse for it.

I will give Trump some kudos for the robust economic picture so far during his first term.  But, as we all know the economy has been faltering on the heels of the trade war Trump started with China. We’re going to need to wait to see the ultimate fallout but it likely will create a degree of pain fr American consumers. The only question is, how much.

2020 gives American’s the opportunity to right a badly listing ship of state. Wise Americans will listen closely to the rhetoric of ALL candidates, examine each candidates record in whatever capacities they have filled, and then make an informed decision. A decision based on whom they feel is the most qualified and demonstrates the character attributes they find presidential. Our president should represent the BEST of America, not the worst.

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Beware of DJT Supporters Hawking Good Intentions…

We knew it was coming. Or at lest we should have known. All indications have been there since Trump was inaugurated on that fateful day in January 2017.

President Trump’s political allies are hoping to raise at least $2 million ahead of the 2020 election to investigate members of major media outlets including The New York Times and The Washington Post, according to an Axios report.

The news outlet reports that officials told them the group will target reporters and editors and will leak “damaging information” about them to “friendly media outlets,” including Breitbart.

Among the group’s “primary targets” are CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, HuffPost… 

This is not at all about identifying sources of inaccurate reporting. If that were the purpose these supporters of DJT would be spending fortunes investigating the myriad lies and gross misinformation DJT spews on a daily basis every single day of the week.

What this is about is his supporters “investigating” legitimate honest journalists that in the course of doing their jobs report the TRUTH about DJT, his policies and his rhetoric. The good, the bad, AND, the ugly. As well as his character flaws. And everyone who is not a DJT cultist knows he has MANY.

This is not to say journalistic bias doesn’t exist. It does. However, the majority of journalists work diligently to combat their biases when reporting. They understand their purpose is to research, question, research some more if necessary, and then report facts. Does this always happen? No, but it is the norm rather than the exception.

Opinion columnists and media talking heads like Hannity or Matthews are recognized primarily as purveyors of their opinions. Opinions can be grounded in facts or they can be just starry eyed opinion with little to no facts supporting the opinion. It has always been this way and it likely will continue to be that way. Unless, and I say this with a growing fear it is happening as I type, the government gains control over our heretofore free and independent media.

That folks is precisely what DJT’s supporters, as well as the president himself are desirous of happening.

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