Ya Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

Checking in on the religious right a bit today and came across this, for the lack of a better word, lunacy.

One can only shudder at the thought of folks like this ever holding the reins of power in this nation.

Hypocrisy runs deep, very deep among the religious right. Hoe they support a thrice married adulterer, misogynist and sexual predator defies all reason.

Craziness has no limits apparently.

When you have the White House lit with the colors of the gay rainbow, that was June 2015, I think that was a low point for a lot of people and it just seemed like every perversion, including this transgender obsession, was just being celebrated; I think God said, ‘enough.

Jan Markell

We know that [Trump’s election] just wasn’t in the natural. This was in the supernatural where God sovereignly, I believe, answered the prayers of believers beseeching him and he’s given us a reprieve. But a reprieve for what? For what? What are we going to do with this? Remember, over 50 years of destruction, destroying the foundations of this country, you don’t just turn that on a dime unless God again intervenes.

Michelle Bachmann

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